The Spiritual Hierarchy

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14th January 2019

This is a message to you all from the Lords of Light.

We have been waiting for this moment. Now is the time to get as many people Meditating as possible each day. This synchronized Meditation will have a massive impact on the World. Please get in touch with as many people as you can to join you.

From Our perspective, when people do this at the same time, We can see the Light building and permeating all over the Earth.

The more people, the more Power and Intensity.


3rd January 2019

Death is a curious subject no one truly understands it, a bit like birth – “Where do we come from and where are we going”.

People are so much out of their comfort zone that they don’t wish to talk about either in any depth. Yet it is the one thing that will happen to everyone.


We “smile” often when people cling to their possessions, as nothing truly belongs to anyone. Worldly possessions have to be left behind. They should be looking for the abstract things which are permanent: Love, Joy, Peace, Stillness, Happiness, Giving, Wonder, Beauty.

These are the Eternal attributes and will never fade away.


1st January 2019

This is the Lords of Light bringing you a New Year Message.

We are very happy to say that whilst many people in the World are still living their lives without finding their purpose, there are a huge number who have at last found a true meaning.

Meditation on Inner Light and Sound immediately raises your consciousness and from that it is possible to live your life from an entirely different perspective.

There are a growing number of books written, and seminars given which show very inspiring ways of rising above life’s challenges – how it is possible, just by changing your thoughts and habit patterns, to develop a new and fulfilling way of being.

But, what happens when the book has been read and the seminar listened to and digested? Usually people will go back to the old ways of dealing with situations and the busyness of life takes over again.

What is needed for all those who are looking for “answers” is something more permanent.

Being Initiated allows the Meditator to find out answers for themselves. Everytime they Meditate the Energies of Light and Sound will permeate into their very core, allowing a depth of Knowledge hitherto untapped. A newfound freedom now exists; the meditator is no longer trapped within the confines of the physical body.

If you have been lucky enough to have received this “Miracle” then don’t keep it to yourself – tell others, so that they can let the Magic fulfill their lives too.


19th December 2018

This is a message from the Lords of Light.

As an old year ends and a new one begins there is always a reflection on past events and how the new year will unfold.

As predicted, this year the New Lightwave has attracted thousands of people who have been Initiated and many Enlightened.

A number of these people have a direct connection with Us and have received messages. These have been mostly of a personal nature.

However, there will now be individuals who will have important information about the Ascension. This information should be shared amongst you so that everyone is aware of what is going on.


10th December 2018

This from the Lords of Light.

You are asking for Us to explain who the Spiritual Hierarchy are, so that people will understand more about where the Energy that drives the Path of Light and Sound comes from.

We are Ascended Masters who congregate in the Higher Realms with the sole purpose of helping humanity. Of course, there needs to be connections on Earth so that messages get through. The Higher Dimensions are populated with many Beings, most who have never incarnated into a physicaL body.

It is difficult for people to really understand what We do. The best thing is to see Us as benevolent Beings who can be contacted to guide people in the Way of Truth and Goodness. The Lords of Light and the Ascended Masters are synonymous.

As more and more people are spontaneously hearing Sound and seeing Light, there are those who can help you understand this. The World is changing, although there is too much greed, people are realizing that these material things they sought mean nothing to the spreading of Truth through Meditation.


3rd December 2018

This is from the Lords of Light.

Simplicity. This is probably the most important aspect to develop in people’s lives. In bygone days it wouldn’t have been an issue, as a long time ago people generally led very simple existences.

But now, things have changed dramatically. it is very hard not to get caught up in the everyday stresses, decision making and complications the World presents.

But there is a way out of this. The practice of meditation will, over time, encourage a life that is more simple and meaningful. It won’t happen overnight, but just the practice of giving time to just sitting comfortably meditating, will help to make these changes.

When you eventually realize your true purpose, those things that seemed so important will fall away, leaving a sense of peace and tranquility.



What are the Spiritual Hierarchy?


For us to understand who or what the Spiritual Hierarchy are, we need to first look into the past. History shows us that Spirituality came to this planet through great teachers, mystics, gurus and often ended up as religions.

Unfortunately – the Truth was often manipulated or lost due to egos, greed, desire for power etc.

We know very little about the Hierarchy other than they are a vast number of Intelligent Beings that populate the Higher Dimensions.

These dimensions exist beyond the 3 that we, as Humans, are normally aware of with our limited senses. They contain the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light often referred to as Angels and Guides. They are always in contact with us; much evidence has been recorded in our literature, since the dawn of mankind.

If we look at the rise of great civilizations we see that the people acquired incredible knowledge. This knowledge is demonstrated by their art, literature, technology and science; the Source again being the Hierarchy. They put ideas into the minds of those that were receptive. Once an idea was seeded many others became open and helped develop it.

As with Spirituality, when a new idea manifests there are always individuals that want to use it for self gain, power and destruction. And so all civilizations eventually crumble and much of the knowledge is lost.

“When Truth gets very deep
Beneath a thousand years of sleep
Time demands a turn around
And once again the Truth is found”

(George Harrison)



In the last few decades the Spiritual Hierarchy have contacted many Meditation teachers around the World and delivered the same message. Your Planet and its inhabitants are sick; we need you to reveal the Truth to large numbers of people. If you are successful then we can elevate the Consciousness of the Human race. We can give you advanced technologies to improve the quality of your physical existence. Additionally we can reveal great Knowledge to stimulate your minds and help you to understand your place in the Universe.

The remit is usually the same; They want 1 person in every 100,000 to be Initiated into Spiritual Light and Sound. So today as we approach a World population of 7.5 billion we are looking for a target of 75,000.

The Path


On this occasion we are told that it is imperative that TRUE SPIRITUALITY reaches the masses. So we must learn from the past and make sure that it is as accessible as possible and the teachings completely transparent.

This will not be a Journey for the chosen few but an “Enlightenment” for the masses. Many of you will not consider yourselves spiritual but if you have ever questioned your existence or feel within your heart a part of you is missing then this Path is for you. What is asked of you is simply that you learn the practice of meditation, adopt a healthy lifestyle and most importantly learn how to truly give.

As stated above we believe that the Spiritual Hierarchy sit behind all Masters and Religions that the world has ever known. They have been responsible for the building of the Pyramids, the rise of great Civilisations and the breakthroughs in modern science. Many will testify to their existence as prophets, seers, mystics, clairvoyants and people who have flashes of inspiration or creativity and if honest and without ego testify it was not them: “I was just compelled” or “thoughts kept knocking around in my head”.

In February 2015 the Spiritual Hierarchy contacted a few of us who had attained high Spiritual States and the necessary knowledge and insights to confer the Light and Sound Energies. We wish to work as the Spiritual Hierarchy do, behind the scenes, not to front an unwieldy organisation and have pledged to devote the rest of our lives to this wonderful Cause. We are in awe of what we have learnt and are humbled that we have been chosen to impart this Knowledge and the Spiritual States of Consciousness. For us no greater honour or purpose could possibly exist.

One of the greatest mistakes is to charge money for Spirituality; it is the downfall of most groups. Therefore we never charge for anything and have adopted a “Pay it Forward” policy.


From The Spiritual Hierarchy


All transmissions are verbatim; only spellings are corrected and punctuation added where/when necessary. Previous messages are to found on the Transmissions page.

When we look at what is happening around the World right now, we are filled with Hope that things are most definitely moving in the right direction. There is a way to go yet to reach the target, but we are gladdened to see the Positivity and Joy that has been created by those who are aligning with the new Lightwave and attaining the Higher States in a very short time.

These are the new Warriors who all have the capability, fortitude and Love to take this amazing Energy and bring thousands of people. They in their turn can give the Love they have found to the World.
From Us in the Spiritual Hierarchy:
We are looking down and are very pleased that you have put the new sites so that they are separate from the rest.

We intend to give messages, to put up now, on a regular basis and We feel that is what people want and will be inspired by.

There will be many people soon bringing down messages from us in other languages that need to have a place. We are certain that these sites will be welcomed by many.
We, the Lords of Light, need to communicate some words to you all.

It is written in many books, that the ultimate expression of God, is Love. With the teachings of the new Lightwave, we say that, Love is at the core of every transmission we make. It is because of Our Love for you, that we send Energy and messages to help Humanity.

We are very pleased to see that the newly Initiated people wish to communicate this Love also; to each other, to friends and family and to the people who work tirelessly, to ensure their well being during the process of Initiation and beyond.

It is only by spreading this Love, together with Compassion and understanding, that your Consciousness will be raised to the point where the Earth will become a different place. A place where people look for the Good in everyone and everything.

This is achievable right now!


Light and Sound Meditation

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