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22nd December 2021

This is the Lords of Light.

The time of year has come again for people to reflect on what they have achieved and learnt.

It is important to remember that life is transitory. Those of you who practice Meditation regularly will be far more able to navigate the ups and downs of having a physical body.

Life is all about learning to “let go” especially at this time of uncertainty. It is not an easy task!

For those of you who are about to embark on their Spiritual Journey it is a very special time. We are happy that so many of you will be receiving the Special Gift of Initiation together. Listen carefully to what your Teacher has to say about what you need to do. Be humble and accepting. Allow your whole Being to be filled with Light and Love every time that you Meditate.

It is by allowing the Light to flow through you that the Mysteries of Life will unfold. You will finally Realize your True Divine Nature.

Remember, We, the Spiritual Hierarchy are always there to help and guide you. Humbly ask for any guidance you may need. Once you have been enveloped by the Light of Initiation, you will discover a Joy and Peace that will always be with you.


12th November 2021

You are asking about consciousness.

This is a very good question. It is all to do with how humans relate to their surroundings. Some people would live their lives completely instinctively and all they are conscious of is set patterns that they live by. You could say that they are ruled by them and they would feel uncomfortable if challenged, they are “safe” within their limits.

There are others, however, who challenge. the limits society imposes on them and “break out” of the mould. They have their own ideas of how they should live their lives and so their consciousness expands accordingly. This is a very simplistic picture of quite a complicated issue. Each person is an individual who expands their consciousness in different ways, but it helps to understand human kind as those who accept the status quo and those who do not.

Now we have reached the interesting part…….

In the practice of Meditation it is possible to Be Conscious without being conscious of external stimuli. This happens when a person becomes at one with what they are Meditating on.

It is a hard concept for anyone to understand if they have not experienced this. How can it be possible to be totally aware, and yet there is no thing to be aware of!

But more and more people are Experiencing this outside of Meditation. Each time it happens their Consciousness expands Spiritually and their Knowledge of the Higher Realms increases. It is like breaking through a veil which they don’t know is there.

This can happen to anyone at any time, even to people who are not normally interested in being taken out of their comfort zone. It is awe inspiring and can be life changing – miraculously people can see the World completely differently and want to explore this new Knowledge.

Life on Earth has infinite possibilities. A person’s Consciousness can expand Spiritually to the Ultimate Expansion, when it is possible to Realize that there is only one Consciousness – Them!


7th September 2021

From the Lords of Light:
A few years ago We asked a number of Light and Sound Meditation groups to work towards Initiating 75,000 people, collectively. This was the number needed to reach what might be called a Spiritual Revolution!

Imagine that each of those Initiated people was a shining light.

It doesn’t sound a lot, considering the Earth’s population is nearing 8 billion; but those beautiful lights from Initiated people were enough to guide others into discovering a Higher meaning to their lives.

Since the number was reached, thousands of people are having Spiritual Awakenings all over the World. The knock on effect has been that more people are accepting the existence of other Realms or Dimensions and the need to explore these Regions.

Children and young adults particularly are having a deeper understanding of the World around them and are questioning long held beliefs and dogmas.

In other words, people of all ages are breaking free from the fear of being able to speak out about how their Spiritual Awakening has changed their perception of life and death. Maybe they understand more of the nature of Existence and their role in it.

Because so many people are tuning in to Spiritual Energies collectively, their ability to hear the Sound Current and see Spiritual Light is greatly enhanced. People meditating well and with purpose will have far deeper meditation Experiences, which will, in turn, bring down Knowledge which filters into people’s Consciousness.

So, to sum up, there are many people all round the World who now practice Meditation. To those people who are oppressed, who feel that their freedom has been taken away, then Meditate to find the Freedom inside and the Joy and Peace that it will bring.

Find the ultimate Love inside yourselves and show it to your family, friends and neighbours every day.

It is only Love that can truly Heal.

It is only Love that can bring true Peace.

The Eternal Love that is in everyone is starting to Shine through.


20th May 2021

We are understanding that people are struggling at the moment, more than normal. This is because of the great upheaval affecting your Planet. People are unsure of what is/will happen to them.

Of course, this is all necessary to make the big changes needed with regard to materialism and self worth. God is no longer a priority in people’s lives and because they have turned away from “Him” everything has become more intensified.

May We gently remind people who are Initiated that, if at all possible, not to neglect their Meditation which will be a source of solace to them if practiced with a pure heart and mind. In fact, in times of stress and upset, this is the time to Meditate more, not less!

Many people are having Awakenings in a broad sense and they will continue to do so. The World and Spirituality is changing – please embrace these changes, otherwise your lives will become more difficult. Please don’t hold on to the past, that is the problem with most people these days – embrace the future.

Trust that things will get better. Please don’t judge others for their beliefs and actions, they have their reasons.

More than ever we need Love to dominate every action. Put your trust in God and all will be well.


29th January 2021

From the Lords of Light:
When you are trying to come to terms with any tragedy or misfortune, the way to overcome it is to forgive, accept and try if you can to see what is happening from a wider perspective…..easier said than done!

When you truly understand and accept that everything happens for a reason, then you can begin to realize the true nature of existence.

Big events – like the one happening right now, only come when humanity needs to learn very specific things.

We have outlined before how people need to become more loving and giving, less materialistic and selfish. It’s a big shift and it has taken a catastrophe to bring the World to its senses.

We are happy to say that things are now moving in a positive direction. When people are able to see each other again and move around freely, they will act differently and be more ready to accept Spirituality into their lives.

There will always be those who yearn for power and making money.

What the last year or so has done is to try to bring positive changes and to show people that life can be lived more simply; to have gratitude for what they already have without wanting more.

Find happiness in the love and service to others.


16th December 2020

This is the Lords of Light.

It is always good to look at the Big Picture, as it makes things so much easier to understand.

Patterns of Behaviour

We would like to talk about this, as all living things have ways in which they operate. But humans are able to change their patterns, i.e. the way they think, feel and behave. They can make choices rather than operate instinctively. Because of this, they do not go along with the herd necessarily, but move in different directions.

Therefore, when presented with a Spiritual Quest, humans have the capacity to make decisions based on their beliefs and lifestyle. When someone is leading an Earthly life and things are tough for them, they understandably would like to change it, to get out of the situation they are in.

But that is not the answer! It’s all about acceptance – accepting who you are and the life you are leading. It’s all there to teach you what you need to learn. When you have learnt that particular lesson, things will change.

Although it may be hard to understand, especially as things are at the moment, there are many Beings (Souls) who wish to incarnate on Earth because, from the Heaven World We see things from a very different perspective.

The time spent on Earth is a Gift to be used wisely and with gratitude.


19th November 2020

This is the Lords of Light.

The interest in Media coverage has never been higher. People generally have more time to look at stories and information which are really affecting their freedom and the way they live. It’s like a magnet – it draws people in. This is a massively difficult time for many people everywhere. They are scared for the future.

The difficulties arise when they become obsessive and too much time is spent on trawling through the never ending information.

This has to stop. We need to tell you that there will be more and more stories and articles forthcoming, to do with World Leaders, Politics, Religions and Health. But you don’t need to be concerned, because, like always, things find their own equilibrium.

The greatest gift you can give the World now is to be fully present in your Meditation and if possible increase the time that you Meditate.
Just immerse yourselves in the Energy we are sending and become still and quiet. This will bring peace to troubled minds and more understanding to the Soul.


5th October 2020

This is the Lords of Light.
We have come to talk to you about how to live in a World of turmoil, where nothing makes sense anymore.

The first thing to always remember is that people have the ability to discriminate – to work out for themselves the reasons behind the general state of the World right now. Always look to the Big Picture and see that life on Earth has always had its challenges.

We have mentioned before that the purpose of life is to love and to learn, what better platform to do this!

When faced with challenges, always try too look inwards to find answers. The best way to do this, is of course, to Meditate. Try to sit down with a “blank canvas” – don’t bring any conceived ideas into your Meditation.

Ask heartfelt questions and you will receive answers that make sense to you. Maybe not straight away but in time you may find ideas filtering into your consciousness.

The Love that you will find in your Meditation will give you solace through any situation. The continued practice may take you to the Ultimate Goal of Man – the Source of Creation, the ultimate Answer!


3rd July 2020

This is the Lords of Light.

We are pleased to tell you that the number of Initiated people in the World has far surpassed the target set. We are now moving into a new phase!

We did tell you there are many groups who Initiate people into Light and Sound. Nowadays, of course, many are Awakening so this has increased the numbers.

Things are changing dramatically, as you are well aware, because of the circumstances in the World today. This has brought huge numbers of people to Meditate.


28th May 2020

This is from the Lords of Light

When a being incarnates, you are aware that it’s for a certain purpose, a life to be lived according to the ‘ plan’ already fixed. Of course, there is a deviation from that plan which can be activated at certain points of the incarnation. But what isn’t generally known is that the purpose can change under certain circumstances.

In these unprecedented times where there is so much upheaval on Earth, it becomes necessary to have a focus towards Spirituality.

So, many people who would not have incarnated to have a Spiritual life, find themselves propelled into a deep yearning to find life’s true meaning through Meditation.

Many children born at this time have the express purpose of bringing a very special potent Spiritual Energy.


10th May 2020

This is the Lords of Light coming to talk to you about the virus still affecting many parts of the World at this time.

We know that many people are suffering as a result, and wondering about their livelihoods which have been in many cases taken away from them.

Please trust that although things seem to have taken a downturn, it will pass. You will look back at this time and realise that there needed to be changes in order for the World to develop Spiritually – for individuals to have a greater understanding of the sustenance of the Earth.

We are hoping, that during the isolation, people will seriously reflect on how they are leading their lives and will implement any changes for the good of themselves and mankind.


31st March 2020

This is from the Lords of Light.

It is certainly the time now for all Meditators around the World to join together with the common aim to bring Light and Love to help with the fear and uncertainty regarding the virus.

People now have more time now to reflect on their lives. As We have said many times, life is all about Loving and Giving, and this is the ideal opportunity to increase the time that they meditate, in order to help their fellow man.

Many, many people are now suffering either directly or indirectly because of the virus. Others are working really hard, endangering themselves.

The time is now to bring down Light and Love to the planet like never before.

Hopefully humanity is now ready to stop the manic pace of life and find more Love, Joy and Peace.



What are the Spiritual Hierarchy?


For us to understand who or what the Spiritual Hierarchy are, we need to first look into the past. History shows us that Spirituality came to this planet through great teachers, mystics, gurus and often ended up as religions.

Unfortunately – the Truth was often manipulated or lost due to egos, greed, desire for power etc.

We know very little about the Hierarchy other than they are a vast number of Intelligent Beings that populate the Higher Dimensions.

These dimensions exist beyond the 3 that we, as Humans, are normally aware of with our limited senses. They contain the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light often referred to as Angels and Guides. They are always in contact with us; much evidence has been recorded in our literature, since the dawn of mankind.

If we look at the rise of great civilizations we see that the people acquired incredible knowledge. This knowledge is demonstrated by their art, literature, technology and science; the Source again being the Hierarchy. They put ideas into the minds of those that were receptive. Once an idea was seeded many others became open and helped develop it.

As with Spirituality, when a new idea manifests there are always individuals that want to use it for self gain, power and destruction. And so all civilizations eventually crumble and much of the knowledge is lost.

“When Truth gets very deep
Beneath a thousand years of sleep
Time demands a turn around
And once again the Truth is found”

(George Harrison)



In the last few decades the Spiritual Hierarchy have contacted many Meditation teachers around the World and delivered the same message. Your Planet and its inhabitants are sick; we need you to reveal the Truth to large numbers of people. If you are successful then we can elevate the Consciousness of the Human race. We can give you advanced technologies to improve the quality of your physical existence. Additionally we can reveal great Knowledge to stimulate your minds and help you to understand your place in the Universe.

The remit is usually the same; They want 1 person in every 100,000 to be Initiated into Spiritual Light and Sound. So today as we approach a World population of 7.5 billion we are looking for a target of 75,000.

The Path


On this occasion we are told that it is imperative that TRUE SPIRITUALITY reaches the masses. So we must learn from the past and make sure that it is as accessible as possible and the teachings completely transparent.

This will not be a Journey for the chosen few but an “Enlightenment” for the masses. Many of you will not consider yourselves spiritual but if you have ever questioned your existence or feel within your heart a part of you is missing then this Path is for you. What is asked of you is simply that you learn the practice of meditation, adopt a healthy lifestyle and most importantly learn how to truly give.

As stated above we believe that the Spiritual Hierarchy sit behind all Masters and Religions that the world has ever known. They have been responsible for the building of the Pyramids, the rise of great Civilisations and the breakthroughs in modern science. Many will testify to their existence as prophets, seers, mystics, clairvoyants and people who have flashes of inspiration or creativity and if honest and without ego testify it was not them: “I was just compelled” or “thoughts kept knocking around in my head”.

In February 2015 the Spiritual Hierarchy contacted a few of us who had attained high Spiritual States and the necessary knowledge and insights to confer the Light and Sound Energies. We wish to work as the Spiritual Hierarchy do, behind the scenes, not to front an unwieldy organisation and have pledged to devote the rest of our lives to this wonderful Cause. We are in awe of what we have learnt and are humbled that we have been chosen to impart this Knowledge and the Spiritual States of Consciousness. For us no greater honour or purpose could possibly exist.

One of the greatest mistakes is to charge money for Spirituality; it is the downfall of most groups. Therefore we never charge for anything and have adopted a “Pay it Forward” policy.


From The Spiritual Hierarchy


All transmissions are verbatim; only spellings are corrected and punctuation added where/when necessary. Previous messages are to found on the Transmissions page.

When we look at what is happening around the World right now, we are filled with Hope that things are most definitely moving in the right direction. There is a way to go yet to reach the target, but we are gladdened to see the Positivity and Joy that has been created by those who are aligning with the new Lightwave and attaining the Higher States in a very short time.

These are the new Warriors who all have the capability, fortitude and Love to take this amazing Energy and bring thousands of people. They in their turn can give the Love they have found to the World.
From Us in the Spiritual Hierarchy:
We are looking down and are very pleased that you have put the new sites so that they are separate from the rest.

We intend to give messages, to put up now, on a regular basis and We feel that is what people want and will be inspired by.

There will be many people soon bringing down messages from us in other languages that need to have a place. We are certain that these sites will be welcomed by many.
We, the Lords of Light, need to communicate some words to you all.

It is written in many books, that the ultimate expression of God, is Love. With the teachings of the new Lightwave, we say that, Love is at the core of every transmission we make. It is because of Our Love for you, that we send Energy and messages to help Humanity.

We are very pleased to see that the newly Initiated people wish to communicate this Love also; to each other, to friends and family and to the people who work tirelessly, to ensure their well being during the process of Initiation and beyond.

It is only by spreading this Love, together with Compassion and understanding, that your Consciousness will be raised to the point where the Earth will become a different place. A place where people look for the Good in everyone and everything.

This is achievable right now!


Light and Sound Meditation

If what is written above resonates with you in any way, you may want to take a look at our Meditation website by clicking the link below.

We would like to thank Amanda Sage for her kind permission to use the beautiful image of Limbic Resonance depicting the Transference of Spiritual Energy between human beings.