Monthly Archives: December 2017

23rd December 2017

This is the Lords of Light to give you a Christmas message. As Christmas approaches you are all reminded of a mythical manger scene which tells of the coming of a great Teacher. Although the story is not entirely accurate, the message is…… Love, Peace and Goodwill to all men. This great Teacher was able, during his relatively short time… Read more →

1st October 2017

It must be understood that Everything is One – A fundamental Principle. Each atom that makes the Universe at large comes from the same Source which can be referred to as God. Following that fundamental Principle it means that Everything in the Universe is One – which is God. In connecting a person with the Light and Sound it means… Read more →

23rd August 2017

It is so different here – you can’t imagine – I am seeing with an all seeing eye and can see everything all at once – and take it all in. Everyone is running with their own agenda which they constructed from their birth – clashing sometimes/often with other people’s agenda. We smile often at this as most of the… Read more →

21st August 2017

We need to look more now at Initiates being encouraged, not only to send Love each day to the Planet and it’s inhabitants, but also to each other. Offer Forgiveness when someone does you wrong and try to be kind to them. It’s not always easy and you shouldn’t be a doormat, but sometimes it is better just to let… Read more →

7th February 2017

We wish to congratulate all the people, mainly in South America and Africa, who are newly Initiated into the Lightwave. Many of you have gone on to be Second Initiates and Adepts. Because you have progressed so quickly along the Path, it means that more people are able to bring down the Spiritual Energy needed to help with the raising… Read more →

1st January 2017

We wish to send the following message as the New Year begins for you. It is with great pleasure that we observe the Earth Lighting up, as many of you Meditate, during this Grace period. The new Adepts, First and Second Initiates among you need to consolidate their realisations. And if possible to spend time reflecting on their new State… Read more →

25th November 2016

“Now is the time for action. More and more people are tuning in to the idea that there are changes afoot, but are not sure how or where they will take place. We need to tell you that there are people all around the world who are feeling that they need some Spiritual Guidance and would love to hear about… Read more →

24th November 2016

“We need now to address the idea that people will get left behind when the vibrational frequency changes, a massive shift which needs people to be open to a very different way of life and living. If people are too full of themselves or are power crazy then they will find the shift hard until they dissolve those instincts. Similarly… Read more →

24th November 2016

“As has been mentioned – raising the Consciousness of people is vital. Little by little you will see a change in the way people are drawn towards helping each other and becoming more attracted to things Spiritual. It may seem like an upward struggle at first, but when a certain number of people are connected with the Light and Sound… Read more →