Nick Howell

Testimonial (K.K.)

  There is this energy that when properly applied or when human beings are subjected to it and aligned in the correct way gives the ability to travel to Higher Dimensions. In the company of many Beings I suddenly realize a dimension that I normally was not aware of. When calling attention to the fact I realised that some of… Read more →

Truth v Dogma

  Many people are brought up in families that are members of a church or religious group. From an early age they are taught what to believe and what not to believe. This is not necessarily done intentionally; if everyone around you thinks in a particular way it is hard to be objective and cultivate your own thoughts. Many organised… Read more →

John the Baptist

  It might be that the Baptism of Jesus is an early example of Light and Sound Initiation. There are some fascinating parts of the story that are worth exploring. Firstly, John says to Jesus, “It is I that needs to seek Baptism from you!” Jesus then explains that he is wrong and John reluctantly goes ahead. This suggests a… Read more →

Learning Life’s Lessons

  We are told that the purpose of life on Earth is to learn lessons. These can be of an intellectual nature but more important are those learnt by interacting with other human beings. Human interactions are highly complex and varied. For example when we engage in some activity there are ‘“three of us” involved, ourself, the person we think… Read more →


  The purpose of Human life is twofold, to love and to learn. We are driven in our early years by our ego; it demands both the attention of ourselves and those around us. In other words we are self centred and self seeking. This is only natural as we need the desire to survive. For people who are born… Read more →

The Ultimate Gift

  The greatest gift a person can receive is that of expanded Consciousness. Many gifts deteriorate over time or are discarded and replaced. However, the Gift of expanded Consciousness is permanent and remains with a person for life. It is absolutely free as it is priceless. No charge is ever made for Mantras or Initiations. Our Teachers reflect the “Pay… Read more →

Collaboration (S.C.)

  We are the Lords of Love and Light We are so pleased that you are here, We have much to share; it is essential that the countries around the globe collaborate to bring Light work and peacemaking to Light, to be known. Adepts and Initiates need to collaborate as well there are new Light workers coming forward around the… Read more →

Does the website post all the Transmissions?

  No, only a very small number are actually posted on the website. The large majority, however, are sent to guide the Group in spreading the new Lightwave and some may be of a personal nature. It is this Lightwave that is enabling people to become aware of the Spiritual Light and Sound. When they Meditate on these Energies they… Read more →

How can I make contact with the Hierarchy?

  Firstly, we need to point out that it is the other way round, They, make contact with us. This can happen in a number of ways. For some it is spontaneous, for others it can happen in dreams. However, the large majority of people seem to discover Their presence during periods of deep Meditation. Initially it can take the… Read more →

What exactly are The Spiritual Hierarchy?

  The Spiritual Hierarchy is a name we give to the innumerable Beings that inhabit the Higher Dimensions of the Universe. Some, but not all, have had previous lives on the Earth and are sometimes referred to as Ascended Masters. A number of these Intelligences are in contact with people all over the World. The communications generally occur when a… Read more →