The Ascension has Started

  We understand from the Spiritual Hierarchy that the Ascension will not be a cataclysmic event but a gradual and gentle process. As more and more people are Initiated the Light and Sound Energies will begin to have an increasing effect on this Planet and it’s inhabitants. The process has already begun and there are many signs that demonstrate this.… Read more →

The Ascension

Much has been written in religious and esoteric literature about the Ascension. We are also posting transmissions from the Spiritual Hierarchy that predict a similar scenario. Is it possible to imagine what such a change would be like? the simple answer is NO! We are told that the Ascension occurs due to an increase in vibrational frequencies. This suggests that… Read more →

The Life of a Soul

The following article is a simplification of teachings we have received recently from the Hierarchy. Firstly we need to define some terminology: Essence – the true Self which remains always in the Spiritual Realms. Soul – a part of the Essence which incarnates. When a physical incarnation is about to take place the Essence or true Self plans that particular… Read more →

Grace from the Spirititual Hierarchy

Historically, all States of Consciousness were conveyed by a person who was Enlightened; they were often known as Gurus or Masters. Enlightenments tended to be rare and it was normal for the Teacher to determine when a meditator was ready to receive the Spiritual Energy (often referred to as Grace). This method is still used today and works well for… Read more →

Gods, Saviours and the Hierarchy

This article is written as an attempt to present the reader with a rough framework on which to hang the various histories of Spirituality and explain their origins. Nearly all the ancient religions were polytheistic and celebrated the existence of a multitude of Gods. Supporting evidence can be found dating way back to the Bronze and Iron ages. More recently,… Read more →