The purpose of Human life is twofold, to love and to learn. We are driven in our early years by our ego; it demands both the attention of ourselves and those around us. In other words we are self centred and self seeking.

This is only natural as we need the desire to survive. For people who are born in difficult environments this may be the driving force that dominates their entire life. However, for most of us we learn very quickly how to stay alive and coexist with our family, friends and work colleagues.

We become aware that we can give and help people who are less fortunate and to lend an ear to someone who wants to share a problem. A choice then presents itself; are we here to serve ourselves or serve others.

When a person becomes conscious of the Light and Sound Energies they realize that the small self is only part of what they really are – the tip of the iceberg! They discover that in Truth they are Spiritual Entities who sit behind the vehicle we refer to as a human being. They realize the Spiritual Dimensions are the highest expressions of Love they operate through total Giving – asking for nothing in return.

This is not a belief, it is Absolute Knowledge!

The question now remains, “How should such a person reflect this Exalted State?” As it was given freely there are no constraints or requirements; a person can carry on with their life as before. However, they now have an amazing potential to see their ego for what it is – very small and extremely demanding.

Such a person is now in the position to transcend their small self and instead devote their lives to more altruistic endeavours. They can turn their energy and attention to helping others. This can be with Worldly matters or to assist people Spiritually so that they too can become aware of the Light and Sound.

We as humans possess free will and therefore the choice is always ours!

This is from the Lords of Light, talking about Ego

The Ego is one of the five challenges a human being has to deal with. The others being Lust, Anger, Greed and Attachment. Sometimes known as the Five Fingers of Death. Without Ego a human cannot survive – it means the sense of Self – or “I am”.

But, as with everything in life there has to be a balance. You have to look after your affairs and make sure that your material needs are met.

But from where we are viewing the Earth and its inhabitants right now we can see that the sense of Ego is far too prevalent in most people’s lives. We have to say that even people who would count themselves as Spiritual can be very selfish and self centered.

This is having a negative effect on the balance of the Earth and needs to be addressed. When the Ego is out of balance it destroys the sense of peace and wellbeing in a person, the idea is to make sure that thought and consideration for others is paramount. That is how a society works best and individually how a person can demonstrate their Spirituality and Loving nature to the world.