Global Meditation

As part of the general move towards caring for others we would like a regular Meditation to take place every week. For you all to come together for 10 minutes at the same time. This would be a powerful statement from you to affirm positivity to the Planet as a whole. In doing so you will feel a great connection to each other.

Our numbers have grown at an incredible pace over the last few months; we now have over 200 people who have attained Spiritual Enlightenment.

Our Mission is twofold, for Meditators to attain Spiritual States and to raise the Consciousness of the Planet. As we now have a significant group Initiated into the Light and Sound it is time to harness this potential by organizing synchronized Meditations Worldwide.

We are suggesting that this takes place every weekend. Initially, to send Love and Peace to the Planet and its inhabitants for 10 minutes. If you wish to extend this time that’s fine but make sure you start at the time appropriate to your time zone. See below.

Although this is intended for Light and Sound Initiates we invite all meditators around the Globe to join us in our mission. So many of us want change – at last we have a means to accomplish this – let us make the best use of this wonderful opportunity.

Global Meditation Times

Please note: these times are synchronised to 20:00 G.M.T. Do check your time zone carefully and any summertime adjustments.


12:00 Los Angeles
13:00 Phoenix
15:00 New York
15:00 Bogota
15:00 Lima
16:00 Santo Domingo
17:00 Santiago
17:00 Brasilia
20:00 London
21:00 Roma
21:00 Madrid
22:00 Helsinki
22:00 Windhoek
22:00 Pretoria
23:00 Dar es Salaam


01:30 New Delhi
06:00 Brisbane
09:00 Wellington

From time to time we are likely to receive fresh information regarding these Meditations from the Spiritual Hierarchy. All new instructions will appear here, so keep checking.


Testimonial (F.A.)

A huge download, containing ‘love in the form of healing,’ somehow; both for me personally and for humanity as one. I could feel the ‘wounding’ of humanity, and the innocence of that wounding – even though we experience it in unbearable ways. The essence of this revelation is, simply, God returning to Itself in billions of ways – just to reveal for us how we separate, individuate, make our personal stance, and when ready, dissolve back. All that’s required is surrender, openness, giving of what we receive, and nurturing of Spiritual Identity.