Love is the Key

This is such exciting news about the BIG CHANGE about to come. You are not able yet to see it in its entirety i.e. how the World will be – but you certainly can believe it can happen. We need MORE people to change their mindset to believe what is happening is REAL and the World will become less materialistic… Read more →

Sending Love to the Planet

The Hierarchy wish to harness our Meditative abilities to send Love to the Planet. The method is very similar to the sending of healing Energy which some of you may already be practising. The process is both simple and rewarding. Try to make the sending of Love part of your daily Meditation practice. Sit comfortably with back erect and hands… Read more →

Visualizing Love

This physical plane is full with beautiful manifestations that we perceive when we vibrate higher. Today I heard of a terrorist attack. People speak about it and they get filled with hatred against the aggressors. They speak like that because they are afraid. Fear joins both aggressors and victims together. If we look beyond, the suffering and the pain caused… Read more →


Love is the boundless Energy that pervades all the Creation. Everywhere you look there is Love, because everything that you can see, feel and touch exists because of it. Everything is connected, so every thought, deed or word is recorded. Nothing is lost: words spoken in anger are more powerful and cause more damage so try to become more gentle… Read more →

More on Love

From the Hierarchy written exactly as it was channelled. We have already stated that Love is the principle that pervades all things and everything exists because of it. If this is the case why are there so many wars on the planet? Doesn’t this go against Man’s true nature? Why is it that in a world that exists because of… Read more →


This will explain the difficulties that people have in their close relationships: When incarnations occur there are always life lessons that have been planned before birth. These can be anything from learning about an abusive relationship, a child dying or just generally coping with life’s ups and downs. Most people find it hard to deal with the patterns which crop… Read more →