The articles below are verbatim; only the occasional spelling has been corrected and appropriate punctuation added. The most recent transmissions appear at the top of the page.

Please note: the messages we are receiving about a massive shift in vibrational frequencies need a lot more amplification. We are in the process of asking a number of questions regarding the actual mechanism.
(See Article: The Ascension)

24th November 2016

“As has been mentioned – raising the Consciousness of people is vital. Little by little you will see a change in the way people are drawn towards helping each other and becoming more attracted to things Spiritual. It may seem like an upward struggle at first, but when a certain number of people are connected with the Light and Sound… Read more →

22nd November 2016

“We now need to talk about raising consciousness. What does it mean? Well, a normal person living in the World today has access to many stimuli. He can see around him the wonders of the World and hear a myriad of sounds. But what would happen if all of a sudden he had access to a further pair of eyes… Read more →

22nd November 2016

“Everything has a frequency – even the Earth itself. It is like its blueprint or signature. Each person, animal or inanimate object vibrates at its own unique frequency. Nothing vibrates at exactly the same frequency. It’s a bit like snowflakes, each one has its own form, no two flakes are the same. If we were to take a Human Being… Read more →

21st November 2016

“Most people”s lives are very busy – they need to feel as if they have a meaningful existence by filling every available moment. They even say that there are not enough hours in the day to complete all they feel they need to do. When their work is done they are not able to rest because so much else is… Read more →

21st November 2016

“The World is a very dark place for many people and needs a big shake up. Many old texts of former religions and doctrines talk about this and mention that there will be a Force coming from On High to affect the much needed changes. To bring Love to the Planet is the only way to do this – the… Read more →

20th November 2016

“Have you REALLY wondered how it is that a body can actually move; an animal weighing a ton, how does that massive weight take itself around? The wonders of the World are too huge to contemplate but I’d like you to try – to realize quite how much Humankind is conditioned to just accept things as they find them and… Read more →

20th November 2016

We are the Lords of Light. As things progress, We in the spiritual Realms and you on Earth must be aware of the changes that need to be made, if this LIghtwave is to have the end result We desire. That is, to change the Consciousness of the Planet by having mass Initiations, to get the required amount of Spiritual… Read more →

18th November 2016

We are hoping it is the first of many as We see that children meditating at an early age will not only be good for them and their families, but also they will grow up to be responsible for themselves and not reliant on other people for their happiness and security. They will realize that happiness and security come from… Read more →

24th October 2016

We are so happy to see all the Adepts and Initiates who gather together to celebrate with Love and appreciation the Spiritual Gift they have received. If you share what you have then you will inspire yourselves even more. There are endless Wonders to explore in your Meditations. Enlightenment is a new beginning, you have the opportunity now to not… Read more →

12th October 2016

We are the Light Beings wanting to talk to you about service. It is important to remember this word in your everyday lives. Being Initiated and on a Spiritual Path people will look to you for inspiration but also to have a giving nature. Service means sustained giving – a giving that continues no matter what happens – sometimes without… Read more →