Grace from the Spirititual Hierarchy

Historically, all States of Consciousness were conveyed by a person who was Enlightened; they were often known as Gurus or Masters. Enlightenments tended to be rare and it was normal for the Teacher to determine when a meditator was ready to receive the Spiritual Energy (often referred to as Grace). This method is still used today and works well for small groups, but presents logistical problems when people are spread Worldwide.

As explained on The Journey page, the Divine Spark for First Initiation is given (and must be given) by touch. The further States were also conveyed by this method. This would involve the meditator either living in close proximity to the Teacher, or making long journeys to present themselves hoping to receive the Grace. Occasionally, if the aspirant was lucky, a Teacher might visit a particular country and Initiate a large number of seekers.

The Spiritual Hierarchy repeatedly state that this meditation needs to reach the masses. They have produced a wonderful solution to make it easier for isolated meditators to receive the Higher Initiations. The system is called


This means that at specific times throughout the year, Energy will be available for all those who meditate on True Light and Sound. If they prepare themselves well and their hearts are open, then they can receive this Grace which potentially can propel them to the Higher States of Consciousness.

This eliminates both the need for Human judgement and the necessity for travel. A meditator will advance at a rate that is perfect for them.

All that is required is that they receive the initial Grace by touch. We now have a number of Enlightened people who are able to travel around the World; we hope to be able to reach anyone who has a genuine desire for Truth. Please note: we will still use the method of touch for the Higher States, when it is convenient, as the Initiator can be present and give appropriate advice and support.

We are not the only group that meditates on True Light and Sound; the Blanket Grace will assist all those people who have been Initiated and meditate on these Energies.

From the Spiritual Hierarchy:

The Power and Beauty of the Light and Sound to all true seekers is immense and beyond all Human understanding. It is only by Meditating in this way that the Truth about the Creation can be found. Everyone has the Potential to realize this Power; it is through perseverance and dedication that this Knowledge will be given to them.

The first transmission of Grace occurred over the Christmas period (2015) during which two people attained Enlightenment: see the testimonials from (J.M) and (J.H.)

Finally, when a person receives the First Initiation they will be told when the Grace will be available and given specific dates and times. For those of you in other groups that meditate on the True Light and Sound please enquire using the contact page. We will be happy to give you this information together with appropriate advice.

We wish to express our immense gratitude to the Spiritual Hierarchy for Their Love of Humanity.