How can I make contact with the Hierarchy?


Firstly, we need to point out that it is the other way round, They, make contact with us. This can happen in a number of ways. For some it is spontaneous, for others it can happen in dreams. However, the large majority of people seem to discover Their presence during periods of deep Meditation.

Initially it can take the form of a subtle Presence, usually felt around the head. This can then lead to a “Voice” imparting a message or important information. Generally, this will be personal to the Meditator but on other occasions it can be of benefit to all.

We would suggest that countless numbers of people throughout the ages have been contacted and as a result produced great works of art, written beautiful pieces of music and made amazing scientific discoveries. It is not unusual to hear people report, “It wasn’t me, it just appeared in my head. All I had to do was write it down.”

It can help if you open yourself up. This can best be achieved by reading about the Hierarchy and simply accepting the possibility of Their existence. It seems inconceivable that the only intelligence in the Universe is confined to one small Planet orbiting an average Sun in the outer regions of a Galaxy known as the Milky Way!