People are Seeing a beautiful Inner Light

We have been noticing that a growing number of people are beginning to See a beautiful Inner Light that does not appear to be physical in origin.

Their descriptions vary but include the following: tiny bright points of Light as if looking at a starry sky, stunning geometries of unimaginable precision and contrast, an object of indescribable brightness that resembles the Sun. In every case the observer notes that the Light seems to be alive, Intelligent and exudes Love and some report receiving a message that they should follow the Light on a Journey.

The Light is usually seen when in a darkened room often just before falling asleep. Some people have told us that they thought their room had been lit by car headlights, however on opening their eyes found it was pitch black!

Once the Light appears it is likely to reappear and a person can return time and time again. After a while what is seen may start to change. When a change occurs this may be accompanied by a sensation of rapid movement.

The Light is always present but people cannot see it until they align with the Lightwave of Spiritual Energies. It is similar to the first signs of light that herald a new dawn. First a dull glow, then rays illuminating the eastern sky followed by the magnificence of the fiery globe itself.


The New Lightwave

We have been told that the reason this is happening is because of the vast numbers of Initiations and Enlightenments that are occuring all over the Planet. These have taken place due to a New Lightwave of Spiritual Energy that has been released at this time, the Power of which is totally unprecedented.

It appears that the Earth and ourselves are not separate but intrinsically dependent. Our wellbeing both physically and Spiritually depends on the state of the Planet. Over the years we have plundered the mineral resources and destroyed many life forms through the pollution of their habitats. Although subtle, the sickness of the Planet has had a negative effect on us as Human Beings. We have become highly materialistic and less sensitive to the wellbeing of our fellow man. Moral codes and the pursuit of Spirituality have begun to take a backseat in a “me first” society.

This was the reason this Path was started, to bring Spirituality to the masses. This in turn has caused an Energetic awakening of the Planet; it is as if it is beginning to “sing”. Previously, a person would have needed an Initiation to perceive the Sound Current but now an increasing number of people are hearing it quite naturally.

Ask your family, neighbours and friends if they can hear it. You may be surprised how common this is. Many will be curious, if so, please direct them to this website to help them understand the Truth behind their observations.

Do let us know your findings; we would love to learn how widespread this is and how people are reacting to it. If you wish to send us an email simply Click Here