Messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy

Many people are receiving Messages from the Higher Realms at this time. The Spiritual Dimensions are populated with vast numbers of Intelligent Beings each with Their own agendas and remits.

The Path of Light and Sound Meditation that we speak of is overseen by a Group we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy. This is a name we have given Them. We understand that many of Them have had Earthly lives and are therefore sometimes called Ascended Masters. However, to avoid the inevitable ego trips They will almost always hide Their true identities.

When a Meditator receives a Message they are sometimes unsure where it came from.

21st June 2020

It is inevitable that confusion arises when there is an influx of Messages. Because people can be in touch with Members of other forms in different Dimensions there is bound to be a conflict, however, not in a bad way.

Just to explain, that you always know it is from Us when it’s simply expressed and in some sort of order.

We have been receiving messages for over 5 years and can testify, absolutely to the above. Although the Transmission may be from different Members of the Hierarchy or different Groups, all the Messages have the same style. They are short, practical, direct, simple, ordered and above all Compassionate and Loving.

Question: May we ask for you to define, in a simple way, what we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy so that there is a clarity when you speak of other Forms in different Dimensions.

24th June 2020

It is a very good question and one that people do ask about, as things get confusing when we talk about multiple Universes and levels of Consciousness and the like.

There are innumerable Beings as you know, which inhabit the Higher Planes. Only relatively few have an interest in Earthly/Planetary matters.

In very simple terms, the Spiritual Hierarchy that you are in touch with has, from the very beginning, always advocated Spiritual Light and Sound in its core teaching.

There are Mantras of course and meditation relaxation techniques all leading to Initiation which shows the gateway to the Spiritual Realms. Then, as the Meditator progresses, the Light and Sound guides and Teaches all the way through to discovering that there is only one thing Everywhere and that is God.

All the reading of Spiritual books can’t give you that amazing Gift – you need to Experience it yourselves.

It is good to keep in mind that the core Teachings of the Spiritual Hierarchy is that of Light and Sound Meditation. Although the use of relaxation exercises and Mantras can be very useful for preparing people initially. The objective should always be to reveal the true Spiritual Energies which will expand the Consciousness of the Meditator and lead them to Enlightenment.

26th June 2020

Regarding the Path and visualisation techniques, some people are not ready to come to the Path of Light and Sound meditation straight away. They need Preparatory work to get themselves used to meditating and getting used to being still.

You know what a frenetic world you are living in – it’s the same all-over.
Just let people be happy to visualise – it’s making their lives more joyful and fulfilling.

Then, when they are ready, some, maybe most of them will come to be Initiated – there is no rush and they will be more ready to let go into the Light and Sound, as they are used to being still.

Essentially, people need to learn how to relax and let go. We are all different so guided meditations will suit some people while others will benefit from visualizing techniques. Mantras are very useful and powerful if used correctly. All these approaches are wonderful ways to prepare people for the day when they connect with the Light and Sound and begin their Spiritual Journey.