Self Healing


This is from Samuel* for those who wish to heal themselves. A simple, concise way for anyone to practice, at any age, and doesn’t require any particular skill.

Just as you can practice, on a daily basis, to bring Light and Love into your life you can also bring healing.

So little is understood about the human body; there is so much happening within each individual which can manifest symptoms wide and varied. But this simple healing technique just needs you to create a space in YOUR life to sit and concentrate for a few minutes each day.

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your palms facing down on your lap..
  • Take a few deep breaths to relax you.
  • Ask in your mind for Spiritual Healing for you. (you don’t need to mention the ailment or ailments)
  • Sit and concentrate in whatever way feels right for you. It could be to focus on your breathing, in and out. It could be to focus on your third eye (the spot between your eyebrows).

You could receive the Healing energy through your Crown Chakra (the top of your head). You could feel heat in your body. Whatever happens just accept it as being your way of accepting the Healing. You need to be positive about the outcome.

Many people really want to help others and forget to help themselves. This practice encourages time for YOU which is so important.

There could be variations to this form of healing. Just find the way that works for you.

The main thing is that you ASK for healing. That way, a connection with Us is cultivated regularly, which is so important in the months and years to come.

* Samuel is a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy.