Sending Love to the Planet

The Hierarchy wish to harness our Meditative abilities to send Love to the Planet. The method is very similar to the sending of healing Energy which some of you may already be practising.

The process is both simple and rewarding. Try to make the sending of Love part of your daily Meditation practice.
Sit comfortably with back erect and hands at your side, level with your hips, with palms facing upwards. Then, with eyes closed, focus and create an intent; this can be achieved in several ways.

You should find out which method works best for you:
1) using an affirmation such as “I am a pure channel and I send Love to the Planet.” This should be repeated a few times until you feel the Energy emanating from your palms.
2) using visualization, conjure up an image of the Planet as it would be seen from space and sense from your Heart the flow of Love to nurture and protect it. (much as you would a tiny baby)
3) again using visualization travel around the globe and see in your mind areas of destruction. For example: desolate wastelands, devastated forests, polluted lakes etc.
4) focus on the inhabitants of the Planet (not individuals); see before you groups of sad people that are suffering perhaps because of starvation, homelessness or loss of loved ones. Send Love from your Heart to comfort them.

When you practice this technique you will initially feel the Energy flowing from your palms and then as you align more you will sense your whole body resonating. It should be an exhilarating and beautiful experience…a channel of Pure Giving.

Please try and make this an important part of your Meditation and do this 5 minutes every day. What you are receiving is priceless; by sending Love to the Planet you are demonstrating your appreciation and gratitude to the Hierarchy from which all the Energies originate. It is a way you can say thank You.

As our numbers grow more and more people will be involved in this activity and its potency will increase proportionally. Everybody that is meditating has an important part to play….don’t waste the Power that you have….you can make a real difference.

When the number of Initiates reaches its target we are told the affect will increase dramatically. Imagine water passing through the turbines of an enormous dam, then one day the pressure of the water behind the dam breaks through cleansing everything in its path. With hard work on our part and the support of the Hierarchy we will cause a wave of cleansing Energy that will sweep around the World and and restore balance and harmony that is so desperately needed at this time.