The Ultimate Gift


The greatest gift a person can receive is that of expanded Consciousness. Many gifts deteriorate over time or are discarded and replaced. However, the Gift of expanded Consciousness is permanent and remains with a person for life.

It is absolutely free as it is priceless.

No charge is ever made for Mantras or Initiations. Our Teachers reflect the “Pay it Forward Principle ” and either finance themselves or receive sponsorship.

The Spiritual Hierarchy ask nothing of the Seeker. They simply act as Loving and Compassionate Teachers who guide Their pupils along the Path of Light and Sound. All the Meditator has to do is to be relaxed and open. They cannot make the Energies appear; any effort or striving will have the opposite effect! The old saying sums this up perfectly: “When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear.”

As the Ultimate Gift is completely free the only way a person can show appreciation is to tell others about the Path and help them expand their Consciousness.