20th November 2016

“Have you REALLY wondered how it is that a body can actually move; an animal weighing a ton, how does that massive weight take itself around? The wonders of the World are too huge to contemplate but I’d like you to try – to realize quite how much Humankind is conditioned to just accept things as they find them and not wonder, just wonder How And Why.
It is necessary to do this and to then move on to the next big question, “Why does God effectively put people on Earth in ignorance, to then expect them to realize their true Nature to get back to God?”
Most people are simply not aware of this and go through life completely in Spiritual darkness to end their days as they started them, in Ignorance of their Spiritual Nature. The answer to this question, as always, is to tell people that the only way to really find out (the answer) is to Meditate and find the True Path of Inner Light and Sound.
Since the beginning of time it has been this way. I am talking about way before any knowledge of previous civilizations.
The Universe, with all its Galaxies and Stars holds many mysteries which are gradually unfolding and being discovered. But there is still a way to go while in a physical form. However, if a person is made Spiritually aware through Meditation then he may “move “ around the Creation and discover for himself these mysteries.”