21st November 2016

“Most people”s lives are very busy – they need to feel as if they have a meaningful existence by filling every available moment. They even say that there are not enough hours in the day to complete all they feel they need to do.
When their work is done they are not able to rest because so much else is there to stimulate the senses. If a person cannot find a time in the day to just BE, relax and contemplate then their life will be one long struggle. Going from one activity to another without a break in between is not helpful to either themselves or their family.
A person needs that special time to calm their mind and be free from cares. Daily practice of meditation is perfect because people can build up the time gradually. The more they do the more they benefit; it is a magic formula.
This is the big sickness in the World today – time management. People haven’t left themselves enough time to organize their time better! So they take the time in the night to do things they haven’t done when they should be sleeping.
The message is clear – meditation is the answer to many of the problems in the World. If everyone did some form of meditation/contemplation then we would have the building blocks to a happier, more fulfilling life for all.”