24th November 2016

“As has been mentioned – raising the Consciousness of people is vital. Little by little you will see a change in the way people are drawn towards helping each other and becoming more attracted to things Spiritual. It may seem like an upward struggle at first, but when a certain number of people are connected with the Light and Sound then there will be a surge of joy and wonder at the way there is more Love and Peace in the World.
We need all Nations to be involved, some to a greater or lesser degree. Everyone connected now should be talking to others, thereby making people aware of what is going on. It is imperative that this happens, and it isn’t so much about the Spiritual State of the individual but the Might of many Enlightened people who will make a real difference. The fact that they are Meditating and bringing down Spiritual Energy will encourage others to do so.
When enough people are reached it will be time to raise the vibrational frequency, however, it will mean that many people will be left behind – not able to be part of this immense change that will take place.”