Truth v Dogma


Many people are brought up in families that are members of a church or religious group. From an early age they are taught what to believe and what not to believe. This is not necessarily done intentionally; if everyone around you thinks in a particular way it is hard to be objective and cultivate your own thoughts.

Many organised religions probably arose from times of Truth. As an example, the Christian Bible speaks of the Baptism of Jesus which might be interpreted as a Spiritual initiation. It would make perfect sense that Jesus received access to the Light and Sound Energies after which he spent 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness in order to attain Enlightenment. During this period he wrestled with his mind which is familiar to everyone who Meditates. It was only after these two events that He began to teach!

Following his death the disciples may have had the power to pass on the Energies but it seems that it soon became diluted. Instead, revelation was replaced by ceremony and dogma with the emphasis on belief and faith rather than personal discovery. It wasn’t long before buildings were erected and money was charged to ensure personal salvation. It is amazing to realize that until quite recently the Bible was generally only available in Greek and Latin.

It is important that when we introduce people to Meditation and speak of the Light and Sound we explain that they need to find the Truth for themselves. Our Knowledge is not their Knowledge, our Realizations are not their Realizations! We are merely there to support and guide them. There is no need for belief or faith. The best approach has to be simply an intelligent enquiry coupled with an open heart.

The Light and Sound either exist or They don’t …it is for the Seeker to determine which it true.