Transmissions from the Spiritual Hierarchy

The articles below are verbatim; only the occasional spelling has been corrected and appropriate punctuation added. The most recent Transmissions appear at the top of the page.


2023 Transmissions



4th December 2023

Please would you help us to understand, and give us insights into people with paranoia and obsession with negative energies.

This is the Lords of Light

It is easy to judge people who find themselves treading that path – ‘There but for the Grace of God……..’ etc.

It is very real to them and once into that ‘state’ it is almost impossible to extricate themselves without help. It is a form of addiction, which can be cured by taking them to a safe environment, where they are able, very slowly and painfully, be taken away from the paranoia of which you speak.
Unfortunately, the people in this delusional state, as with all those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs etc, is to get them to realize they need help. The other problem is, once cured and back into society they will find it hard not to revert back again without a strong and loving support system.

It’s all to do with the power of good versus the power of evil.

      Good (God) versus D (evil)

Very simply it is living your life with positive thought patterns or negative ones.

As We have said before there is a general breakdown in society of which this is a part.


11th November


Please may we have your Views/Wisdom regarding the phenomenon of children seeing while blindfolded?

This is the Lords of Light.

There should be more exposure to this, and other what you would call paranormal experiences. You are seeing what is happening to children, but you also know that it can happen to anyone at any age.

The reason that children can do these things so readily, is that they are generally more spontaneous, and are excited about challenges that adults would be more reserved and self conscious about.

There will always be people that think they know better, trying to scupper and ridicule. As these children, having developed powers, grow up, you will see a very different World!

See below: Children with REAL SuperPowers (third eye)


10th September 2023

Could you help us understand a little more about the mechanism of Channelling?

This is the Lords of Light.

When people find they have the ability to Channel it is for a variety of reasons. Often they are developing a skill they have learnt before and are able to grow in confidence and ability.

It is all to do with Trust that what you are Channelling is kosher and not from your own thought patterns. Sometimes it is difficult to get yourself out of the way in which case it’s best to ask that your Connections are unblocked, so that you own ideas and prejudices are not tainting the Messages.

Sometimes it is hard to know what to do with what is being Channelled when it obviously isn’t a personal Message. It’s good to share the more Esoteric Wisdom with as many people as possible.

The Earth and its inhabitants are going through massive changes at this auspicious time. People are Channelling Messages of Hope and Inspiration which should be widely documented and freely distributed.


4th July 2023

Could you help us to understand the potential use of Kundalini at this time?

This is from the Lords of Light.

Kundalini Energy is very powerful and should be used wisely. It involves balancing the Energies (Chakras) from the base Chakra, rising up the spine, over the top of the head to the Third Eye.

By powerful We mean that its effects can be quite profound for someone relatively new to meditation and should be done under the supervision of a Teacher.

For experienced Meditators this is very useful as a tool to strengthen the Aura and to maintain a healthy body.

The Mantra TEE LAA SEE TEE RAA LOM can be used to raise the Kundalini for 5/10 minutes each day, for a week.

Kundalini Testimonial

17th March 2023

Living in the technological World was never going to be easy – although there have been amazing advances in healing and communication, the downside is plain to see. It is quite shocking to find data telling you how much people are using their mobile phones and computers each day!

The microwave energy used in these devices are causing health problems, without considering the inactivity during the ‘screen time!’ When faced with these facts it’s obvious what should be done.

Certainly the key is to cut down on these activities and aim towards more exercise, outdoors preferably, but if unable to do that, do some stretching exercises. Even just five minutes a day would help.

According to the latest available data, the average person (globally) spends around 7 hours per day on screens connected to the internet.

Many of the long term illnesses are Karmic and have been planned before birth. They are there for a specific purpose and affect other family members. It is often distressing for all concerned, but mostly has to be endured for a specific time.

Stress and Depression can be long term if left unchecked. Often the person who is stressed can’t see what they are doing to themselves, but their friends and family can. Stress can be seen as an addiction, they love the adrenaline rush and are not comfortable with being still and quiet. It can be that some serious, life-threatening illness comes along to stop them in their tracks and they are given a chance to mend their ways.

There are many causes of depression, which can be addictive too and people can opt out of society. Depending on the cause of depression it is possible to be cured, as with Stress by using complementary remedies.
Again, it is so much better to catch both these conditions in the early stages.

The most important thing to remember is that you can help yourself. Just as you can send Love and Light to the Planet you can send Love and Healing Energy to yourselves too.
Make it a daily practice to do this for 5-10 minutes.
Be aware that there are unseen pollutants around, so even if you are feeling well it’s good to maintain your health by doing this practice.


3rd February 2023

This is Patrick.

It is my last Message to you for a while as We are moving on to the Esoteric Teachings as mentioned before.

We need to explain more about life on other Planets in other ‘Worlds’, so you have a fuller picture of what is really going on, rather than half-truths. There is a lot to learn on a subject that has fascinated people for a long time.

The Ascension process which We have taken you through has meant that millions of people are now ready to Connect with advanced Beings from these ‘Worlds’ for mutual benefits.


28th January 2023

This is Patrick.

There are certain fundamental Truths which are not fully understood by many people. This is understandable as they are hard to grasp with the human mind.

One such Truth is that of forgiveness – this is a major obstacle! The way to start practicing this is to forgive the little things – try not to judge – and move on from situations that you would normally hold on to.

The big one of course is self-forgiveness. Don’t be too hard on yourselves and realize others can be stuck in self-blame too. Start your day with the words, “I am full of Love and Compassion for myself and others.” Keep re- affirming it during the day.

Judgements are made all the time about people and situations. That can’t be helped as it is a human condition. But the trick is not to hold onto negative judgements, move on, offer Compassion and Forgiveness.


1st January 2023

This is the Lords of Light with a Message to you, as the New Year begins.

We are very much aware of the wish of the World’s Meditators, and others for Peace. Also that the World leaders would align with Spiritual values. However, this has to come from the dedicated mass of beautiful Souls across the Globe, tirelessly trying to bring about a Spiritual Revolution.

The unprecedented number of people ‘Waking Up’ is testament to the wonderful Work that has been done thus far.

Every day keep sending Love and Light to the war-torn areas, disaster zones and to people who are abused or oppressed. Also, not forgetting your family and friends who will benefit enormously.

Never underestimate the Power of sending Love, not just when you Meditate, but to the people you come into contact with as you go about your daily affairs. Be vigilant when you see somebody looking sad or ill, send them your Loving Energy to help to lift their spirits. It costs nothing.

Let Love flow freely round the World – dispelling hatred, disharmony and bringing PEACE.

2022 Transmissions


10th October 2022

This is the Lords of Light.

In answer to your question, it is all to do with what is needed at the time. Beings in the Higher Dimensions are always looking for suitable candidates to impart their Knowledge.

Sometimes it is necessary to bring down information regarding new technologies. People are looking seriously about finding a meaning to their lives that religion doesn’t offer.

It takes hard work and dedication to Channel, you have to let go of your own beliefs and ideas and really listen to what is being said. The teachings and doctrines were all necessary at certain times to bring insights to people and to help them understand their place in the Cosmos.

Because of the critical time in the Evolution of the Earth it has been necessary to find many people to Channel our Words of encouragement, help and guidance. Your work has been invaluable to that end. You have been instrumental, together with other Meditation Groups, to bring people from all over the World to a deeper Understanding of Spiritual Matters, helping them to have Love, Peace and Stillness in their lives.

23rd March 2022

You are asking about other Beings who are not residing on Earth i.e. Aliens. What is their concept of God? What is their concept of Enlightenment?

It’s all to do with Dimensions. Any species that would visit Earth, for instance, would come from other (Higher) Dimensions – much more elevated than Planet Earth.

It’s only third dimensional beings that look for the Oneness that is missing – they are only able to “see” separation. All other Dimensions beyond three house Beings who are totally Connected – so no need to have that concept.

People on Earth used to be like that, but they have lost that Awareness – it will come again!


21st March 2022

From the Lords of Light.

When a dictator sends his troops to war he hopes that other countries will get desensitised towards the conflict – that is what happens. People can only concentrate for a short while on issues, even devastating ones.

It is a terrible thing that is happening, but wars have been going on for thousands of years. It is just that it is close to home now. There are many agendas surrounding what is happening and nothing is as it seems.

The one thing you can do is to send your Love and Compassion every day, not just to the Ukraine but the whole World – trying to raise its consciousness from the ground level. If this is done seriously by all Meditators around the World collectively, much can be achieved and is being achieved right now!

Keep doing it, as each of you sending Light and Love with real intent makes a difference. Because of the recent events more people are joining in to do this. Do it all together and you will see the real Power of Love.


16th February 2022

This is the Lords of Light.

It has been stated many times the Nature of all things is cyclic, meaning that there are time periods for all Earthly and Cosmological occurrences.

The last seven years of “Lightwave Energy” has given countless individuals True meaning to their lives. Many people have Awakened Spiritually during this time have also been guided to make Connections to heal the Earth. Esoterically speaking, the cyclic Nature which governs all things, comes in sets of sevens.

This is an auspicious time, on all levels, that is being witnessed right now and in the coming months!


2021 Transmissions


22nd December 2021

This is the Lords of Light.

The time of year has come again for people to reflect on what they have achieved and learnt.

It is important to remember that life is transitory. Those of you who practice Meditation regularly will be far more able to navigate the ups and downs of having a physical body.

Life is all about learning to “let go” especially at this time of uncertainty. It is not an easy task!

For those of you who are about to embark on their Spiritual Journey it is a very special time. We are happy that so many of you will be receiving the Special Gift of Initiation together. Listen carefully to what your Teacher has to say about what you need to do. Be humble and accepting. Allow your whole Being to be filled with Light and Love every time that you Meditate.

It is by allowing the Light to flow through you that the Mysteries of Life will unfold. You will finally Realize your True Divine Nature.

Remember, We, the Spiritual Hierarchy are always there to help and guide you. Humbly ask for any guidance you may need. Once you have been enveloped by the Light of Initiation, you will discover a Joy and Peace that will always be with you.


12th November 2021

You are asking about consciousness.

This is a very good question. It is all to do with how humans relate to their surroundings. Some people would live their lives completely instinctively and all they are conscious of is set patterns that they live by. You could say that they are ruled by them and they would feel uncomfortable if challenged, they are “safe” within their limits.

There are others, however, who challenge. the limits society imposes on them and “break out” of the mould. They have their own ideas of how they should live their lives and so their consciousness expands accordingly. This is a very simplistic picture of quite a complicated issue. Each person is an individual who expands their consciousness in different ways, but it helps to understand human kind as those who accept the status quo and those who do not.

Now we have reached the interesting part…….

In the practice of Meditation it is possible to Be Conscious without being conscious of external stimuli. This happens when a person becomes at one with what they are Meditating on.

It is a hard concept for anyone to understand if they have not experienced this. How can it be possible to be totally aware, and yet there is no thing to be aware of!

But more and more people are Experiencing this outside of Meditation. Each time it happens their Consciousness expands Spiritually and their Knowledge of the Higher Realms increases. It is like breaking through a veil which they don’t know is there.

This can happen to anyone at any time, even to people who are not normally interested in being taken out of their comfort zone. It is awe inspiring and can be life changing – miraculously people can see the World completely differently and want to explore this new Knowledge.

Life on Earth has infinite possibilities. A person’s Consciousness can expand Spiritually to the Ultimate Expansion, when it is possible to Realize that there is only one Consciousness – Them!


7th September 2021

From the Lords of Light:
A few years ago We asked a number of Light and Sound Meditation groups to work towards Initiating 75,000 people, collectively. This was the number needed to reach what might be called a Spiritual Revolution!

Imagine that each of those Initiated people was a shining light.

It doesn’t sound a lot, considering the Earth’s population is nearing 8 billion; but those beautiful lights from Initiated people were enough to guide others into discovering a Higher meaning to their lives.

Since the number was reached, thousands of people are having Spiritual Awakenings all over the World. The knock on effect has been that more people are accepting the existence of other Realms or Dimensions and the need to explore these Regions.

Children and young adults particularly are having a deeper understanding of the World around them and are questioning long held beliefs and dogmas.

In other words, people of all ages are breaking free from the fear of being able to speak out about how their Spiritual Awakening has changed their perception of life and death. Maybe they understand more of the nature of Existence and their role in it.

Because so many people are tuning in to Spiritual Energies collectively, their ability to hear the Sound Current and see Spiritual Light is greatly enhanced. People meditating well and with purpose will have far deeper meditation Experiences, which will, in turn, bring down Knowledge which filters into people’s Consciousness.

So, to sum up, there are many people all round the World who now practice Meditation. To those people who are oppressed, who feel that their freedom has been taken away, then Meditate to find the Freedom inside and the Joy and Peace that it will bring.

Find the ultimate Love inside yourselves and show it to your family, friends and neighbours every day.

It is only Love that can truly Heal.

It is only Love that can bring true Peace.

The Eternal Love that is in everyone is starting to Shine through.


20th May 2021

We are understanding that people are struggling at the moment, more than normal. This is because of the great upheaval affecting your Planet. People are unsure of what is/will happen to them.

Of course, this is all necessary to make the big changes needed with regard to materialism and self worth. God is no longer a priority in people’s lives and because they have turned away from “Him” everything has become more intensified.

May We gently remind people who are Initiated that, if at all possible, not to neglect their Meditation which will be a source of solace to them if practiced with a pure heart and mind. In fact, in times of stress and upset, this is the time to Meditate more, not less!

Many people are having Awakenings in a broad sense and they will continue to do so. The World and Spirituality is changing – please embrace these changes, otherwise your lives will become more difficult. Please don’t hold on to the past, that is the problem with most people these days – embrace the future.

Trust that things will get better. Please don’t judge others for their beliefs and actions, they have their reasons.

More than ever we need Love to dominate every action. Put your trust in God and all will be well.


29th January 2021

From the Lords of Light:
When you are trying to come to terms with any tragedy or misfortune, the way to overcome it is to forgive, accept and try if you can to see what is happening from a wider perspective…..easier said than done!

When you truly understand and accept that everything happens for a reason, then you can begin to realize the true nature of existence.

Big events – like the one happening right now, only come when humanity needs to learn very specific things.

We have outlined before how people need to become more loving and giving, less materialistic and selfish. It’s a big shift and it has taken a catastrophe to bring the World to its senses.

We are happy to say that things are now moving in a positive direction. When people are able to see each other again and move around freely, they will act differently and be more ready to accept Spirituality into their lives.

There will always be those who yearn for power and making money.

What the last year or so has done is to try to bring positive changes and to show people that life can be lived more simply; to have gratitude for what they already have without wanting more.

Find happiness in the love and service to others.



2020 Transmissions


16th December 2020

This is the Lords of Light.

It is always good to look at the Big Picture, as it makes things so much easier to understand.

Patterns of Behaviour

We would like to talk about this, as all living things have ways in which they operate. But humans are able to change their patterns, i.e. the way they think, feel and behave. They can make choices rather than operate instinctively. Because of this, they do not go along with the herd necessarily, but move in different directions.

Therefore, when presented with a Spiritual Quest, humans have the capacity to make decisions based on their beliefs and lifestyle. When someone is leading an Earthly life and things are tough for them, they understandably would like to change it, to get out of the situation they are in.

But that is not the answer! It’s all about acceptance – accepting who you are and the life you are leading. It’s all there to teach you what you need to learn. When you have learnt that particular lesson, things will change.

Although it may be hard to understand, especially as things are at the moment, there are many Beings (Souls) who wish to incarnate on Earth because, from the Heaven World We see things from a very different perspective.

The time spent on Earth is a Gift to be used wisely and with gratitude.


19th November 2020

This is the Lords of Light.

The interest in Media coverage has never been higher. People generally have more time to look at stories and information which are really affecting their freedom and the way they live. It’s like a magnet – it draws people in. This is a massively difficult time for many people everywhere. They are scared for the future.

The difficulties arise when they become obsessive and too much time is spent on trawling through the never ending information.

This has to stop. We need to tell you that there will be more and more stories and articles forthcoming, to do with World Leaders, Politics, Religions and Health. But you don’t need to be concerned, because, like always, things find their own equilibrium.

The greatest gift you can give the World now is to be fully present in your Meditation and if possible increase the time that you Meditate.
Just immerse yourselves in the Energy we are sending and become still and quiet. This will bring peace to troubled minds and more understanding to the Soul.


5th October 2020

This is the Lords of Light.
We have come to talk to you about how to live in a World of turmoil, where nothing makes sense anymore.

The first thing to always remember is that people have the ability to discriminate – to work out for themselves the reasons behind the general state of the World right now. Always look to the Big Picture and see that life on Earth has always had its challenges.

We have mentioned before that the purpose of life is to love and to learn, what better platform to do this!

When faced with challenges, always try too look inwards to find answers. The best way to do this, is of course, to Meditate. Try to sit down with a “blank canvas” – don’t bring any conceived ideas into your Meditation.

Ask heartfelt questions and you will receive answers that make sense to you. Maybe not straight away but in time you may find ideas filtering into your consciousness.

The Love that you will find in your Meditation will give you solace through any situation. The continued practice may take you to the Ultimate Goal of Man – the Source of Creation, the ultimate Answer!


3rd July 2020

This is the Lords of Light.

We are pleased to tell you that the number of Initiated people in the World has far surpassed the target set. We are now moving into a new phase!

We did tell you there are many groups who Initiate people into Light and Sound. Nowadays, of course, many are Awakening so this has increased the numbers.

Things are changing dramatically, as you are well aware, because of the circumstances in the World today. This has brought huge numbers of people to Meditate.


28th May 2020

This is from the Lords of Light

When a being incarnates, you are aware that it’s for a certain purpose, a life to be lived according to the ‘ plan’ already fixed. Of course, there is a deviation from that plan which can be activated at certain points of the incarnation. But what isn’t generally known is that the purpose can change under certain circumstances.

In these unprecedented times where there is so much upheaval on Earth, it becomes necessary to have a focus towards Spirituality.

So, many people who would not have incarnated to have a Spiritual life, find themselves propelled into a deep yearning to find life’s true meaning through Meditation.

Many children born at this time have the express purpose of bringing a very special potent Spiritual Energy.


10th May 2020

This is the Lords of Light coming to talk to you about the virus still affecting many parts of the World at this time.

We know that many people are suffering as a result, and wondering about their livelihoods which have been in many cases taken away from them.

Please trust that although things seem to have taken a downturn, it will pass. You will look back at this time and realise that there needed to be changes in order for the World to develop Spiritually – for individuals to have a greater understanding of the sustenance of the Earth.

We are hoping, that during the isolation, people will seriously reflect on how they are leading their lives and will implement any changes for the good of themselves and mankind.


31st March 2020

This is from the Lords of Light.

It is certainly the time now for all Meditators around the World to join together with the common aim to bring Light and Love to help with the fear and uncertainty regarding the virus.

People now have more time now to reflect on their lives. As We have said many times, life is all about Loving and Giving, and this is the ideal opportunity to increase the time that they meditate, in order to help their fellow man.

Many, many people are now suffering either directly or indirectly because of the virus. Others are working really hard, endangering themselves.

The time is now to bring down Light and Love to the planet like never before.

Hopefully humanity is now ready to stop the manic pace of life and find more Love, Joy and Peace.

9th January 2020

This is a message from the Lords of Light to mark the beginning of a new decade.

You will be witnessing the catastrophes going on all around the world and are perhaps wondering how it is possible to survive, and how to make things better.

Please understand that as well as all the atrocities you hear about there is an enormous amount of amazing work happening all the time by Light Workers not only on this planet but helpers from Worlds far away. Each in their own different ways playing their part.

The Lightwave group of Meditators have their remit to visualise sending Love, Light and Stillness to all the souls who are full of hate and anger. Try to do this the best you can, holding the image in your mind for a few minutes each day when you meditate.

The Love and Light that you send out must prevail if enough people practice this very important task.


2019 Transmissions


12th November 2019

From the Lords of Light

It is very apparent that people are now able to speak out and be happy to tell others about their Spiritual Experiences. It is by doing this that they can be helped to explore more deeply the Spiritual side to their nature. It is so important to share what they have discovered to encourage others to do the same.

This is the beginning of a new era, when people are spontaneously having these experiences. It is as if their focus is changing and becoming more aware of things Spiritual rather than the small self.

As we move forward it is also important to remember to look for the good that is happening around the World. Sometimes, when things look bad it’s hard to find the pleasures of life. Always help each other by kind words or sending Light and Love.

Life offers many challenges. Think of it as a school teaching lessons.
The quicker the lesson is learnt the quicker one can move on and grow stronger.


31st October 2019

We, the Lords of Light wish to give you a message.

It concerns all the people meditating and particularly those meditating on the Light and Sound.

As more and more people are spontaneously awakening and are in touch with the Light and Sound energies We are aware of an increase in Spiritual Light all over the Planet. When you meditate in groups then the Light is much brighter and clearer, therefore it has a greater effect, clearing the darkness that pervades many areas of the Earth.

The more you can concentrate and have the intention of making the world a better place, then it will happen. It is Your Will collectively that makes a difference. It creates a surge of Power that pervades everywhere.

We have mentioned before, that you don’t realise the Power that exists among meditators. Used collectively as a force for good can make a massive difference.

To help others with your Light will help you too. The more Light you give out, the more you get back. It works that way.


1st October 2019

It’s such a privilege to write this message to you from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

We, in the Spiritual Realms are connected with you at this very special time.

To have so many of you Initiated together in such a blessed location is indeed a massive step forward in the Spiritual Awakening of Planet Earth. That is, the Earth as a Being with all its inhabitants.

We are particularly impressed with the Love and Joyfulness exuding from all of your hearts for each other and for the World at large.

There are still many places where there are wars, famine and disease. We would ask you all to focus on sending your united Love to these places, to try and erase conflict, heal the sick and feed the starving.

As more and more people feel the calling of the Spiritual Awakening, the Love and the Light will triumph over the Darkness of these Areas.
Together, thousands of you meditating will really make a difference.

Everything is connected and the Power of the Light will shine through. `


24th September 2019

This is from the Lords of Light

Have faith in yourself. This is important because, as the Ascension draws nearer you have to realise that no-one is more important than anyone else. Each person has their reason for being on Earth at this time, as does each creature.

No action is any more important than another one, this is hard to grasp, because in order to see that it’s true you have to step outside the Universe to look back. Each creature has their own special job or way of being.

So, when you wake up in the morning, think of your day as being full of Loving and Learning. At night, when you think over the day, ask yourself, overall, are you happy with how it went. If not, why not?

What makes a good day for one person is different from another. Some people need to fill up their time with actions; others have spaces in which to reflect, take time out and relax. You create your own reality .

It’s all a question of Balance, as We said before.


17th September 2019

This is from the Lords of Light about Giving

Nothing in the World actually ‘belongs’ to anybody. That means although from a very early age people are taught that this, or that belongs to you it is not the case.

You are simply borrowing items for the time you are living on Earth. This may be a difficult concept to grasp but such an important one to understand.

When more and more people understand that they don’t actually ‘own’ anything then they become far more generous..

You often find that the most generous people are the ones with the least to give. This may seem strange until you realise that these people are often the happiest. Happy people are generally the most generous.

To have great wealth actually brings its own responsibilities, striving to keep that wealth can often cause anxiety and subsequently illness.

The more you try and hang on to something, the more you can feel it slipping through your fingers.

Balance is the key.


7th September 2019

This is a message from the Lords of Light for all who seek Spirituality, for those who have received the Light and Sound and those who are Enlightened.

When a person starts to understand that there is a greater purpose to life than survival their life shifts to looking around them and seeing, maybe for the first time, that there is beauty in their surroundings that they had totally missed.

There is always beauty to be found if one looks hard enough. It could be a flower, or a tree, or a person saying ‘hello’ who doesn’t normally acknowledge you.

Once a person, or a group of people start noticing the beauty in things, or people, then the incredible thing is that the beauty starts to grow in the most unusual of situations. All of a sudden their life changes from a very insular existence based on selfish desires to an all inclusive acceptance of everything, as it is, without judgement.

This can usually take many years, but it doesn’t have to take that long.

As a person travels along the Path to Enlightenment, it is possible to change very quickly, because you realise that when you judge something, you are really judging yourself.
When the beauty inside is discovered and truly realised, then the beauty outside is discovered too.

Imagine the Freedom that gives . Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.


1st August 2019

This is from the Lords of Light, in answer to your heartfelt question.

We in the Spiritual Realms are watching all the time and nothing goes unnoticed, as we said before.

From the beginning of the dawn of when Man first searched for his Maker, it has been an inner Soul searching, with a pure intent. (often preceded by inner turmoil of a life of pain, physical or otherwise)

That inner search, eventually, spontaneously showed the Seeker of Truth his Source – the Oneness of all Things. This was very rare.

As time went on, things changed and the Initiation process began – to get things moving Spiritually – to guide people by “showing them the Light” and guiding them through the Journey, which is where we are now.

In the future, We would like to see people as they evolve to Higher Beings, as the Ascension takes hold, go back to the Inner Seeking themselves, but with far more Inner understanding of what “Spirit” is and their place as a Human Being. (to be far more evolved before they start Seeking) It will be a form of Gnosis which permeates their Soul.

There are those who do this already and we are hoping that as the Light travels around through the darkness of matter, then more and more Souls will get “taken” by this Energy spontaneously as before. But the difference is, it will be common not rare.

We are keeping this simple – it is actually far more complicated.


22nd July 2019

This is the Lords of Light.
Indeed it is the case that people who Meditate are more prepared for their Journey to the next life and beyond.

There are many reasons to begin to Meditate. Many people, when they start, don’t realise where it will take them. They hear others say that it helps to understand the self and this is true, but what does that mean?

After a while they realise that they can now understand others, and that there is a connection between everyone. Everything that happens is there to show the person their own personal journey through life, their lessons and progression through the ups and downs of their existence on Earth.

If the meditator is Initiated into the Path of Light and Sound, there is an opportunity to witness Spiritual Light and Celestial Sound that have been talked about by all the great Mystics.

The Meditator is taken into other Realms of Consciousness which some people may describe as a “Glimpse of Heaven” and by others a true Knowledge of their Existence.

This is totally beyond all they could ever dream of and sometimes they find it hard to explain to others what they have seen or felt in this “Heaven World.”

For those who have truly dissolved into the Union with the Light and Sound and are touched by the total Love and Acceptance it gives, can never have any fear of death – nor of their transition into Life after death.


9th June 2019

This is from the Lords of Light

It has to be understood that Initiation isn’t for everybody. There are many people who just will not be interested, no matter how much they are told about the benefits. It isn’t for them.

Then there are those who are curious and want to know more about it. Maybe they are not sure how the World will be in another 5-10 years time and it worries them. Or perhaps they are getting older and wonder what Really happens to them when they die.

What we can tell you with certainty is that everyone who has a thirst for True Spiritual Knowledge and who seeks Initiation will find answers to their questions. Also a feeling of inner power and contentment.

People will ask, Why Light and Sound, aren’t there other ways to get a Spiritual Awakening? Well, yes people do achieve wondrous visions and feelings of Love. But the big difference is that they can’t show others how it is done.

The Light and Sound is all inclusive, a benevolent and caring Energy, giving the Meditator a Path, which when followed to its end, can show them the Simplicity, Awe and Wonder of Enlightenment.

But that is the beginning of a new found freedom to explore.. It never ends.


4th June 2019

This is the Lords of Light.

We need to talk to you about the Ascension and how it will affect human kind.

You are poised on the brink of something quite amazing. How people will deal with this remains to be seen. Each one of you who has, through some means, had a Spiritual Awakening will be able to deal with what will happen and what is happening right now.

Things are changing so fast now, the World is moving quite beyond anyone’s comprehension. It will carry on like this as technology gets more and more complicated. The people who are more Spiritually awake will manage not to be so affected by the changes.

They will realise that the Earth is only a very small part of the massive Universe and what is happening is due to Greed, Power Seeking, Selfishness and lack of Love. They will understand what is going on and rise above it.

The opposite will be true of those who refuse to see that life isn’t meant to be lived in hedonism and self seeking ideals.

To all you Lightworkers tirelessly helping to raise the vibration of humankind, we say Thank You.


16th April 2019

This is from the Lords of Light.

We are very happy to say that the New Lightwave movement is growing fast now. This is due to the dedicated groups and individuals all around the world who are inspiring others with joy and enthusiasm.

It isn’t just about the numbers of people who are getting Initiated that we are interested in, but how dedicated they are to moving forward along the Path.

People need to be bringing down Energy from the Higher Realms regularly. By Meditating well, they will not only be elevating themselves Spiritually, but also be a beacon of Light for others.

As people become more Spiritually Conscious We see big changes taking place. It will be as if they are waking up the inhabitants of the Planet to see things in a new way. Not just from a Spiritual point of view, but they will be looking at old habits and outmoded ideas with fresh eyes.

This needs to happen NOW!


29th March 2019

From the Lords of Light – Everything…… each atom in the Universe has Consciousness or Awareness of itself and everything else.

When a Human being gathers all the billions of atoms it takes to make a body, then these atoms are specifically chosen. A rock, or a tree, or a lion will have a different set of atoms. The Consciousness of a stone, for instance, will be limited.

Potentially, every Human being has the ability to be aware of the Energies of Light and Sound. However, each person has their own unique set of atoms which can limit their potential to Meditate. Most Humans have their five senses which means that they can navigate their way around the Earth. That same Awareness or Consciousness can be used to find your Inner goal or Soul’s purpose.

As you become Aware of more and more of the Spiritual Realms and the massive Intelligence behind the universe and beyond, your atoms are “shocked” into preparing you for further Revelations, until you reach the final part of your Journey, that of an Enlightened person.

Even afterwards you should Meditate every day, as you never stop learning and you never stop growing Spiritually, to your death and beyond.


12th March 2019

We are talking to you from the Spiritual Realms – a group of Us who are wanting to communicate with each of you on Earth who want to make a difference. We have repeatedly told you about the immense Spiritual Energy which people are picking up on spontaneously. This is happening to awaken humanity to be able to develop their Spiritual Nature.

We are trying, through our messages to inspire people to find a teacher of Light and Sound Meditation and embark upon the most amazing journey they will ever take. It is said that one person in every thousand will make a difference in the World. Most are just into their own cares and needs.

With a Spiritual awakening you really do have an opportunity to BE someone really special. You will be given an awe inspiring gift which, when the time is right, you will be able to give to others.

Everything on the Earth is transitory, nothing lasts or is permanent – but this Energy can never be taken away. Once it has been given then the newly Initiated person will have an expanded State of Awareness.

Please look carefully at these writings, they are showing you the Wisdom of the Age you are living in right now. Take comfort that with all the difficulties that the World is facing that there is a Higher Intelligence that you can Meditate on in order to make sense of everything.


3rd March 2019

This is the Lords of Light talking to you about the Soul.

When a Soul incarnates it is for a very specific purpose. No Soul incarnates without a purpose – it is all planned beforehand, where that person will be born and to what parents. The siblings, extended family and friends are planned too. Then all the dynamics are played out.

It is necessary for the Soul to have “forgotten” everything that happened before being born so the life can be lived without the knowledge of previous incarnations and of the planning before each life. As there are laws within each society there are also Universal laws. One of the laws is that each Soul has the opportunity to fulfil a purpose in each lifetime.

Often, when a person incarnates, they cannot achieve that purpose. But no matter, they will have another opportunity in the next or subsequent life time.

As a lifetime progresses it should be increasingly obvious why certain people are around them and what they need to learn. Life is all about Loving and Giving. So, if someone is inward looking and only really caring about themselves, then they will not be able to see how their actions affect others. This is an egotistical way of living which is not conducive to moving forward in an evolutionary sense.


24th February 2019

This is from the Lords of Light, talking about Ego

The Ego is one of the five challenges a human being has to deal with. The others being Lust, Anger, Greed and Attachment. Sometimes known as the Five Fingers of Death. Without Ego a human cannot survive – it means the sense of Self – or “I am”.

But, as with everything in life there has to be a balance. You have to look after your affairs and make sure that your material needs are met.

But from where we are viewing the Earth and its inhabitants right now we can see that the sense of Ego is far too prevalent in most people’s lives. We have to say that even people who would count themselves as Spiritual can be very selfish and self centered.

This is having a negative effect on the balance of the Earth and needs to be addressed. When the Ego is out of balance it destroys the sense of peace and wellbeing in a person, the idea is to make sure that thought and consideration for others is paramount. That is how a society works best and individually how a person can demonstrate their Spirituality and Loving nature to the world.


11th February

From the Lords of Light

Let us now look at the third and final word – Acceptance

There are many aspects to this word – put simply this includes:

Acceptance of self – to be happy and content with the way you are.

Acceptance of other people, regardless of how They are.

Acceptance of situations, personal or otherwise.

The more that a person Meditates, they realise that although it may appear to the contrary, they cannot rule their lives. Put another way – what happens, happens if it is meant to be. People may wish for their lives to be a certain way but sometimes it is just not possible if that is not what is planned.

The trick is to Accept the aspects of life that cannot be changed and realise that there is a reason for that situation. We know that this is easier said than done, especially in wartorn areas, difficult family situations, long term illnesses etc.

But even so, in many cases it is possible to learn not to fight certain situations, but rather to embrace them and work out what can be learnt from them.

Humankind is on Earth to Love and to Learn.


8th February 2019

From the Lords of Light

Now we come to the second word …….Forgiveness

You could say that if Love is demonstrated fully, then forgiveness and acceptance will automatically be shown to others. However it is worth talking about them separately to understand their full meaning and importance.

People talk about forgiving others but are not able, or willing, to forgive themselves. This aspect is very important. To really forgive someone who has wronged you deeply there needs to be a pure heart.

When a person is unwilling to forgive, then often the reason is twofold.
Firstly, that person has not looked inside themselves to find the things they may have done wrong. Secondly they need to recognize the fear that is stopping them from recognizing that they too have faults. That is not to say they are bad people, but no one is perfect. A person cannot truly say they have forgiven someone unless they have forgiven themselves. If that can be done then it leads to so much freedom.

3rd February 2019

This is from the Lords of Light.

When this new Lightwave Path was “born”, We chose three words that people could associate with and to help deliver Our Message. They have been the cornerstone of the Teachings.

As the Path grows, We would like to bring back the words and talk about them in some detail, beginning with the first and most important – Love.

No wonder this word is used so much. It usually occurs in all forms of communication in families, communities and groups because people want/need to show affection for each other. In fact, if more people in families, groups and communities showed more Love and affection for each other there would be less discord in the World.

But this Love we speak of has to start somewhere, and that is, inside of the individual. If someone has been lucky enough to grow up in a community where people are kind and Loving towards each other, then it’s easy to share that Love. If, however, there has been anger, resentment and hate around, where is the Love inside the child? The seed has to be nurtured in order to grow. The Magic comes when this nurtured seed is able to flourish.

If all people could discover the Love inside them, they could help to build bridges where there is discord and dissolve the feelings of hatred that exist in the World.

The Light and Sound meditation has the power to show Ultimate Love which joins every- thing and every – one together in perfect harmony.


26th January 2019

This is a message from the Lords of Light

The beauty in the world is there for all to see, be it from the tiniest organism to the majesty of a mountain. The treasures on Earth can be seen and appreciated by everyone. However, from Our viewpoint, people seem far more interested in material treasures.

We are very much aware that it is easy to get trapped by the desires of what money can buy. But these are not lasting treasures and will be discarded when the next thing comes along.

Time is very precious, with modern technology one can easily get distracted by social media and the many other pursuits that the computer offers.

People are forgetting the world outside, experiencing the beauty of Nature, becoming aware of the joy of being in the countryside. Being outside helps to slow people down from the manic rush of today’s world. It allows you just to “Be”, not to “Do” – a break from the world of deadlines and “ not enough hours in the day”.

Therefore it is important to change your habit patterns, if necessary, to make time for communing with Nature. Your life will become enriched, not by material gain but by something far more precious – by feeding your Inner Being – making you more Happy, Joyous and Content.


14th January 2019

This is a message to you all from the Lords of Light.

We have been waiting for this moment. Now is the time to get as many people Meditating as possible each day. This synchronized Meditation will have a massive impact on the World. Please get in touch with as many people as you can to join you.

From Our perspective, when people do this at the same time, We can see the Light building and permeating all over the Earth.

The more people, the more Power and Intensity.

3rd January 2019

Death is a curious subject no one truly understands it, a bit like birth – “Where do we come from and where are we going”.

People are so much out of their comfort zone that they don’t wish to talk about either in any depth. Yet it is the one thing that will happen to everyone.


We “smile” often when people cling to their possessions, as nothing truly belongs to anyone. Worldly possessions have to be left behind. They should be looking for the abstract things which are permanent: Love, Joy, Peace, Stillness, Happiness, Giving, Wonder, Beauty.

These are the Eternal attributes and will never fade away.


1st January 2019

This is the Lords of Light bringing you a New Year Message.

We are very happy to say that whilst many people in the World are still living their lives without finding their purpose, there are a huge number who have at last found a true meaning.

Meditation on Inner Light and Sound immediately raises your consciousness and from that it is possible to live your life from an entirely different perspective.

There are a growing number of books written, and seminars given which show very inspiring ways of rising above life’s challenges – how it is possible, just by changing your thoughts and habit patterns, to develop a new and fulfilling way of being.

But, what happens when the book has been read and the seminar listened to and digested? Usually people will go back to the old ways of dealing with situations and the busyness of life takes over again.

What is needed for all those who are looking for “answers” is something more permanent.

Being Initiated allows the Meditator to find out answers for themselves. Everytime they Meditate the Energies of Light and Sound will permeate into their very core, allowing a depth of Knowledge hitherto untapped. A newfound freedom now exists; the meditator is no longer trapped within the confines of the physical body.

If you have been lucky enough to have received this “Miracle” then don’t keep it to yourself – tell others, so that they can let the Magic fulfill their lives too.


2018 Transmissions



19th December 2018

This is a message from the Lords of Light.

As an old year ends and a new one begins there is always a reflection on past events and how the new year will unfold.

As predicted, this year the New Lightwave has attracted thousands of people who have been Initiated and many Enlightened.

A number of these people have a direct connection with Us and have received messages. These have been mostly of a personal nature.

However, there will now be individuals who will have important information about the Ascension. This information should be shared amongst you so that everyone is aware of what is going on.


10th December 2018

This from the Lords of Light.

You are asking for Us to explain who the Spiritual Hierarchy are, so that people will understand more about where the Energy that drives the Path of Light and Sound comes from.

We are Ascended Masters who congregate in the Higher Realms with the sole purpose of helping humanity. Of course, there needs to be connections on Earth so that messages get through. The Higher Dimensions are populated with many Beings, most who have never incarnated into a physicaL body.

It is difficult for people to really understand what We do. The best thing is to see Us as benevolent Beings who can be contacted to guide people in the Way of Truth and Goodness. The Lords of Light and the Ascended Masters are synonymous.

As more and more people are spontaneously hearing Sound and seeing Light, there are those who can help you understand this. The World is changing, although there is too much greed, people are realizing that these material things they sought mean nothing to the spreading of Truth through Meditation.


3rd December 2018

This is from the Lords of Light.

Simplicity. This is probably the most important aspect to develop in people’s lives. In bygone days it wouldn’t have been an issue, as a long time ago people generally led very simple existences.

But now, things have changed dramatically. it is very hard not to get caught up in the everyday stresses, decision making and complications the World presents.

But there is a way out of this. The practice of meditation will, over time, encourage a life that is more simple and meaningful. It won’t happen overnight, but just the practice of giving time to just sitting comfortably meditating, will help to make these changes.

When you eventually realize your true purpose, those things that seemed so important will fall away, leaving a sense of peace and tranquility.


18th November 2018

This is the Lords of Light. We are here to talk to you about the hundreds of people who are now spontaneously seeing Spiritual Light when they meditate.

They don’t have to be experienced meditators for this to happen. The Light just appears. Because of the immense Spiritual Energy on the Planet right now, people are experiencing this prior to being Initiated.

If this is happening, meditators should observe and just let it “be” without analysis. It is important to practice doing this in preparation for more serious meditation later.


7th November 2018

This is from the Lords of Light.

Please remember that We are here to serve humanity in any way We can. For a variety of reasons many people find life very hard and/or feel sad and lonely.

As the Ascension grows ever closer it is important to form a good relationship with Us so We can help people through any traumas or hardships – or indeed give general advice.

Many people think that they have to go through life ‘alone’ without any help but that is just not true. There is always assistance and all that is needed is to ask for help.

Think of your fellow man – be aware of any hardships they may be going through. Talk to lonely people, be kind and offer forgiveness and loving kindness.

It is by doing these simple things, that people have been taught over the years, that humanity will reach the peak of their compassionate nature and will truly live their lives with Love in their hearts.


17th October 2018

This is the Lords of Initiation.

The Initiation of which we speak on these pages cannot be fully understood until the meditators have been aware of the Inner Light and Sound for some months.

It is as if the Spiritual door has been opened, but the Meditators still have to “go through” into Realms they have previously had no knowledge of. It is a complete Mystery to them!

Before Initiation the meditator should get into good habits regarding meditation. It is no easy task, but if the practice is built up, then they will be able to keep up regularity, even when things get difficult, either with lifestyle changes or that they feel their meditation is not going well.

As has been stated many times before, the benefits are many and varied. To follow the Path of Meditation on the Light and Sound, the Journey will lead to absolute joy and total peace.

How many people seek this in the modern World?


14th October 2018

This is Us, the Lords of Light.

When we speak about Love in the highest form, We mean that which is attained on Enlightenment. People use the word so freely now, they love this or they love that.

But, if you get initiated and Meditate on the Light and Sound, then the meaning gets more profound. The Initiate goes into the awe and wonder of the Journey that leads them to the Source of Creation. The Love that is found, as people Meditate more and more, far surpasses any love they feel in the physical World.

The love they feel for their family for instance is completely overshadowed by the Love they feel inside when they Meditate. The wonderful thing is that they can bring that Love into their daily lives, which in turn become richer and far more meaningful.


10th October 2018

This is the Lords of Light.

As you might imagine, We observe many things about humanity. It is important to remember that you are not judged – just observed.

But We do react when We see things that you could do to make your lives/Meditation easier and more fulfilling.

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to live in absolute poverty, when you don’t actually know where the next meal is coming from. But there are millions of people living like this, they live a meagre existence without any sense of respite.

To those with a better quality of life it’s very different. The basic needs are taken care of, not like the very poor who struggle to survive.

One of the major obstacles that people have to deal with is lack of gratitude. This should be developed from an early age and by adulthood be completely integrated into the psyche.

Each day, be grateful that your basic needs are met!

Each day, be thankful that you are alive and have enough to eat!

Each day, be grateful that you have a roof over your head!

These basic things are what every human being should have as the cornerstone of their existence. Sadly, this is not the case. So, in that gratitude, send Love to all who are in suffering and in pain. By doing this it helps to make you realize that although you may not have all you want – you really do have all you need. This will make you a better person.


5th October 2018

This is the Lords of Light talking to you all.

A lot can be achieved when you push yourselves to “sit on the cushion” for longer. Try your best to use this time wisely and try to completely surrender yourselves to the Light and Sound.

This is your time to be away from your day to day activities. We are always here to help and guide you, so please ask. It could be for help with your Meditation, or some Worldly issue you are troubled with.

We really wish now for people to forge a link with Us. This can be done taking a few minutes of your Meditation time each day, to concentrate of Our name: The Lords of Light.


2nd October 2018

This is from the Lords of Light. We are sending this message to give Hope and inspiration to all of you who wish for a better “tomorrow” – those who would like to see Human beings getting on with each other for the common good.

The Lightwave Meditation which teaches Love, peace, humility and service is based on a Path of Light and Sound Meditation. This has been taught over the centuries as a way of joining together as one. Each individual has the opportunity to access the Inner Light and Sound which is the Spiritual Source.

As well as individuals learning about their part in the great drama of life, when more and more people access these Energies, it will have a massive impact on the World at large – changing the way people think, feel and behave.


15th September 2018

We, the Lords of Light, wish to give the following message to all Meditators.

It is with great pleasure that We greet you, as members of the New Lightwave. We are humbled at the amount of work you are putting in, to make sure that this group, Meditating on Light and Sound, grows and reaches many many people throughout the World.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to lead people to the Path of Meditation. As the members grow you will discover massive changes in the way people think, feel and behave. The Love will spread and be able to affect huge numbers.

As We mentioned before, the new Lightwave isn’t the only Path of Meditation; but it’s the one with the strongest Energy and the ability to transform people’s States of Consciousness, in a way that has never been seen before.

So please be vigilant and tell your friends and family. Imagine what joy you will bring to these people. They have the opportunity then to discover what you have, what greater gift could there possibly be?


3rd January 2018

Love is All
Love is the beginning, the middle and the end.
There is no place where Love is not.
Love, in the highest sense, is the reason that All Things exist.

We the Lords of Light are here to talk about how to integrate Love into your daily lives.

We are not talking about the love you have for your family and friends, or for places you love to visit, films you love to watch, in other words the love that fulfills your everyday needs emotionally.

Now that you have been Initiated into the Light and Sound a whole new “World” has been opened up to you. When you Meditate on these Energies you are bringing Love from the Highest Source into your very being. This is why We ask you to pass on that Love to all things present in the Universe.

Earthly love has its limits; it’s hard to love someone or something that we don’t approve of.

The Love of which we speak is Eternal, no Boundaries, no Limits. When you truly understand this, it is easier to release the boundaries you put around yourselves. You are able to Love the beggar in the street or people you don’t respect, in fact you can Love all things, people and places.

Just think of the freedom that will give you. Consider the energy you put into disliking this or that. It is as if the veil has been lifted and at last you can accept everything with Love and forgiveness.

The Love that you send every day to the Planet is to help people to find the Love that they have lost. But also for you to practice Loving Everything without judgement.

That is True Loving.


2017 Transmissions



23rd December 2017

This is the Lords of Light to give you a Christmas message. As Christmas approaches you are all reminded of a mythical manger scene which tells of the coming of a great Teacher.

Although the story is not entirely accurate, the message is…… Love, Peace and Goodwill to all men. This great Teacher was able, during his relatively short time on Earth, to gather a team of workers to eventually spread his teachings all over the Globe.

It is the time again to do a similar thing. We, in the Spiritual Hierarchy, are very much aware that this is not an easy task. In the World full of greed, scepticism and darkness you need to replace it with acceptance, Love and Light.

With the hard work and sheer determination of so many people who wish to help with the spreading of the new Lightwave, boundaries are being broken. We are delighted at what is taking place and the progress that is being made.

No act of kindness, however small, goes unnoticed and you are the Stars that are bringing Light to the World again.


15th October 2017

We, the Lords of Light will be giving you some inspiring words on Initiation – it should be seen as a mystery, otherwise Initiates will see it as an intellectual exercise and won”t “let go” into the Majesty and Beauty of that which can be observed.
It should also be said that what is observed shows the Initiate the things they have to learn in order to grow and move forward. The Energies of Light and Sound are the perfect Teachers, They Know exactly what the pupil needs and will keep showing them until the pupil has understood.
To be Initiated onto a Spiritual Path through Light and Sound is all about learning and growing. Yes, you may see amazing phenomena along the way – but learn to observe and let go, rather than becoming attached to the visuals.
As in life’ if you get too much involved in any one thing sometimes it stops you from moving on. For instance, you may be in a job you dislike and need to make a change. The Light and Sound will show you the way if you ask. Always ask!


1st October 2017

It must be understood that Everything is One – A fundamental Principle. Each atom that makes the Universe at large comes from the same Source which can be referred to as God.
Following that fundamental Principle it means that Everything in the Universe is One – which is God. In connecting a person with the Light and Sound it means that they are Meditating on the Manifestation of that Source. It could be said that people are actually Meditating on Themselves, meaning the Highest part of Them.
This is the Journey that is taken by an individual to find his True Nature – which is God.
A person Meditating has the choice of whether to “let go” of earthly concerns. If they do then their Journey will be relatively simple and they will reach the Source (Enlightenment) quickly and easily. A person who takes only fears and worries into their Meditations won’t have such an easy time. They may have trouble contacting the Energies (Light and Sound) and may need help from a more experienced Meditator.
Either way the Goal can be reached. The full realization and the connection with the Source is beyond anything that has ever been experienced prior to. The Joy, the Peace and the Love is Immeasurable and is Impossible to describe or understand.
It has been called “The Peace that passeth all Understanding” for good reasons.


23rd August 2017

It is so different here – you can’t imagine – I am seeing with an all seeing eye and can see everything all at once – and take it all in.
Everyone is running with their own agenda which they constructed from their birth – clashing sometimes/often with other people’s agenda. We smile often at this as most of the time it is unnecessary as is borne out of made-up mistrust or misunderstanding.
So in the same way the Ascension is often made-up by people who think they know this and that. The Ascension IS happening right now as people are becoming aware of previously hidden phenomena.
Gently show and guide people along the Way of Knowing.


21st August 2017

We need to look more now at Initiates being encouraged, not only to send Love each day to the Planet and it’s inhabitants, but also to each other.
Offer Forgiveness when someone does you wrong and try to be kind to them. It’s not always easy and you shouldn’t be a doormat, but sometimes it is better just to let things go and accept another person’s personality rather than fight it.
Try to make your Earthly lives as simple as possible by clearing any anger from your hearts. Everyone has their own Karma to deal with and sometimes can’t help behaving as they do.
Always choose Peace, not War.


7th February 2017

We wish to congratulate all the people, mainly in South America and Africa, who are newly Initiated into the Lightwave. Many of you have gone on to be Second Initiates and Adepts.
Because you have progressed so quickly along the Path, it means that more people are able to bring down the Spiritual Energy needed to help with the raising of the Consciousness of the Planet and the dispelling of negativity.
Every time you sit down to Meditate , remember that you are not only helping to bring down Knowledge and Wisdom for yourselves, but to bring down immense Light to take away the darkness of the World.
Whether you are a First Initiate or have progressed further, try your best to be fully present in your Meditation each day and send Love and Light around the World.


1st January 2017

We wish to send the following message as the New Year begins for you.
It is with great pleasure that we observe the Earth Lighting up, as many of you Meditate, during this Grace period.
The new Adepts, First and Second Initiates among you need to consolidate their realisations. And if possible to spend time reflecting on their new State of Being and what it really means. Don’t be in a hurry to be concerned with Worldly affairs, just be in the Stillness for as long as you are able.
By being strong in yourselves you will then be able to be a beacon of Light and an example to others. Try not to judge but send Love and find Beauty and Stillness that lives in all of you. Show kindness to everyone. Be Fearless in your dealings with other people when it comes to talking about your experiences on the Path of Meditation.
Show Wisdom.
Speak your Truth
Show Love and Compassion to yourselves and others.


2016 Transmissions



5th December 2016

“It is as if Mankind is somehow lifted, to be able to continue their lives with heightened Powers. It just means that people will only truly Ascend if they are ready and it will be a self selection.”


25th November 2016

“Now is the time for action. More and more people are tuning in to the idea that there are changes afoot, but are not sure how or where they will take place. We need to tell you that there are people all around the world who are feeling that they need some Spiritual Guidance and would love to hear about the Light and Sound Meditation.
The World is ready for this right NOW.”


24th November 2016

“We need now to address the idea that people will get left behind when the vibrational frequency changes, a massive shift which needs people to be open to a very different way of life and living.
If people are too full of themselves or are power crazy then they will find the shift hard until they dissolve those instincts. Similarly with selfish people, these types of tendencies and others will be difficult to eradicate.
These people would not fit into this new World filled with Love and Peace. There is time yet for these people to change and see the error of their ways, so they need to take that chance now!
That is why it is so important to talk to others about the daily practice of Meditation.”


24th November 2016

“As has been mentioned – raising the Consciousness of people is vital. Little by little you will see a change in the way people are drawn towards helping each other and becoming more attracted to things Spiritual. It may seem like an upward struggle at first, but when a certain number of people are connected with the Light and Sound then there will be a surge of joy and wonder at the way there is more Love and Peace in the World.
We need all Nations to be involved, some to a greater or lesser degree. Everyone connected now should be talking to others, thereby making people aware of what is going on. It is imperative that this happens, and it isn’t so much about the Spiritual State of the individual but the Might of many Enlightened people who will make a real difference. The fact that they are Meditating and bringing down Spiritual Energy will encourage others to do so.
When enough people are reached it will be time to raise the vibrational frequency, however, it will mean that many people will be left behind – not able to be part of this immense change that will take place.”


22nd November 2016

“We now need to talk about raising consciousness. What does it mean? Well, a normal person living in the World today has access to many stimuli. He can see around him the wonders of the World and hear a myriad of sounds.
But what would happen if all of a sudden he had access to a further pair of eyes and ears – or was stimulated in such a way he could see things and hear things hitherto unnoticed; how amazing would that be? Obviously there are artificial ways of doing this, by drugs etc..
The Light and Sound Meditation is not drug induced, but a Revelation to give a person access to Knowledge of the Spiritual Realms – which in turn would raise his Conscious Awareness to understanding so much more about the Inner Workings of the Cosmos and his place in it.”


22nd November 2016

“Everything has a frequency – even the Earth itself. It is like its blueprint or signature. Each person, animal or inanimate object vibrates at its own unique frequency. Nothing vibrates at exactly the same frequency. It’s a bit like snowflakes, each one has its own form, no two flakes are the same.
If we were to take a Human Being and raise their Consciousness by Meditating on the Light and Sound, to then become Enlightened it would not change his original vibrational frequency or blueprint.
If however, the frequency of the Earth and its inhabitants was raised, the Human race would be operating at an entirely different level – which means a whole new way of living. It would be hard to imagine what that would be like. There is a lot more to come on that subject, but first we must look at the way things are at the moment.
We need to raise the collective Consciousness of the Planet so that people would be ready for that big change. It might sound Utopian but what we are talking about is a united World where Love prevails.”


21st November 2016

“Most people”s lives are very busy – they need to feel as if they have a meaningful existence by filling every available moment. They even say that there are not enough hours in the day to complete all they feel they need to do.
When their work is done they are not able to rest because so much else is there to stimulate the senses. If a person cannot find a time in the day to just BE, relax and contemplate then their life will be one long struggle. Going from one activity to another without a break in between is not helpful to either themselves or their family.
A person needs that special time to calm their mind and be free from cares. Daily practice of meditation is perfect because people can build up the time gradually. The more they do the more they benefit; it is a magic formula.
This is the big sickness in the World today – time management. People haven’t left themselves enough time to organize their time better! So they take the time in the night to do things they haven’t done when they should be sleeping.
The message is clear – meditation is the answer to many of the problems in the World. If everyone did some form of meditation/contemplation then we would have the building blocks to a happier, more fulfilling life for all.”


21st November 2016

“The World is a very dark place for many people and needs a big shake up. Many old texts of former religions and doctrines talk about this and mention that there will be a Force coming from On High to affect the much needed changes.
To bring Love to the Planet is the only way to do this – the love on Earth at the moment is not powerful enough to take away the materialism, power mongering and sickness that prevails.
What is needed is Unconditional Love, the most powerful form of Love which can cut through any discord and bring harmony that will raise the World to another Level.
The Unconditional Love I speak of is brought down from the Spiritual Realms and many people are experiencing this immense Power and witnessing first hand the effects, through Enlightenment.
There will be a massive increase in the number of people becoming Enlightened all over the World and therefore they will be able to share this Love which is all Encompassing and Universal.”


20th November 2016

“Have you REALLY wondered how it is that a body can actually move; an animal weighing a ton, how does that massive weight take itself around? The wonders of the World are too huge to contemplate but I’d like you to try – to realize quite how much Humankind is conditioned to just accept things as they find them and not wonder, just wonder How And Why.
It is necessary to do this and to then move on to the next big question, “Why does God effectively put people on Earth in ignorance, to then expect them to realize their true Nature to get back to God?”
Most people are simply not aware of this and go through life completely in Spiritual darkness to end their days as they started them, in Ignorance of their Spiritual Nature. The answer to this question, as always, is to tell people that the only way to really find out (the answer) is to Meditate and find the True Path of Inner Light and Sound.
Since the beginning of time it has been this way. I am talking about way before any knowledge of previous civilizations.
The Universe, with all its Galaxies and Stars holds many mysteries which are gradually unfolding and being discovered. But there is still a way to go while in a physical form. However, if a person is made Spiritually aware through Meditation then he may “move “ around the Creation and discover for himself these mysteries.”


20th November 2016

We are the Lords of Light.
As things progress, We in the spiritual Realms and you on Earth must be aware of the changes that need to be made, if this Lightwave is to have the end result We desire. That is, to change the Consciousness of the Planet by having mass Initiations, to get the required amount of Spiritual Light and Love to the World.
We have released an enormous amount of Spiritual Energy, more than ever before in recent times.
Perhaps now it’s time to move the focus to other Continents and spread the Energy round a bit more. This is not in any way to abandon people but just to push the boundaries and to take the Lightwave in other directions too.
There are enough Adepts now in South America to work themselves to Initiate and make people aware of the unique opportunity that exists.
The way Spirituality has always worked is to give Humanity a chance to bring Peace and Love to each other. Also to bring Knowledge of the higher Dimensions and to take people away from the gross materialism that exists.
This opportunity is around NOW – please heed Us.


18th November 2016

We are hoping it is the first of many as We see that children meditating at an early age will not only be good for them and their families, but also they will grow up to be responsible for themselves and not reliant on other people for their happiness and security. They will realize that happiness and security come from within themselves, on the inside.
We are delighted that these children can be shown that to put aside a few minutes each day to meditate will give amazing results; when combined with sending Love to themselves, to their family and friends and to the Planet it will help them to become aware that they are part of a movement to unite the World in peace.
Let the children show the way by first being kind and loving to each other, their families and to their community which will spread to the Country and then to the World.
Love is the Key.


24th October 2016

We are so happy to see all the Adepts and Initiates who gather together to celebrate with Love and appreciation the Spiritual Gift they have received.
If you share what you have then you will inspire yourselves even more. There are endless Wonders to explore in your Meditations. Enlightenment is a new beginning, you have the opportunity now to not only, permanently change your life for the better, but to be instrumental in changing countless others too.
This is a time for Spiritual growth for the Planet like never before. May Peace and Joy be with you all.


12th October 2016

We are the Light Beings wanting to talk to you about service.
It is important to remember this word in your everyday lives. Being Initiated and on a Spiritual Path people will look to you for inspiration but also to have a giving nature.
Service means sustained giving – a giving that continues no matter what happens – sometimes without thanks and appreciation.
With the Light and Sound you have all the tools you need to live your life in a more fulfilling, joyful way. We know this isn’t always the case, but if you Meditate with Love and appreciation for what you have, the amazing changes can be made. You realize more and more your Spiritual Nature, which helps you understand Earthly concerns and how to deal with them.


11th October 2016

There is what is known as the Master Principle as you know. When it is deemed necessary then an Essence would be “charged” with the Master Principle.
This Essence will need to be chosen carefully and may be used time and time again as the situation arises, when it is right to assist Humanity.
You can see that sometimes the incarnation of a Master works differently than others. If the chosen Essence works according to plan then it is deemed a successful incarnation. Each Master has a different remit.
This new Lightwave is surpassing Our expectations – but be warned – you may have to rethink how it will be financed, as you will need money to send people to Countries, not to finance Initiations!


2nd October 2016

What is happening is unprecedented, you don’t realize how amazing it all is and the True Potential is getting more and more each day.
As you are all Meditating on the Light and Sound it is changing the whole Planet – from the very core to all the seas, mountains, rivers, animals and Humans. All is affected in a positive way.
No matter where this Energy comes from as long as Initiates are Meditating from their Hearts – the first 75,000 will come from South America but there will be Meditators from all parts of the World.


21st September 2016

We need to talk to you about positive attitudes. More can be achieved through living your life this way. We know that not all outcomes are positive, but that may be because lessons have to be learnt. Accept and move on!
You are here to be Joyful and to bring as much Happiness to others as you can. To bring Joy to others is to bring Joy to yourselves. Keep a smile on your face and give it to as many people as you can.
We are with you always, whether you are aware of us or not. No one is ever alone, even in their darkest hours.
All you have to do is ask for our help – you will see, Miracles will happen!


18th September 2016

This is such exciting news about the BIG CHANGE about to come. You are not able yet to see it in its entirety i.e. how the World will be – but you certainly can believe it can happen.
We need MORE people to change their mindset to believe what is happening is REAL and the World will become less materialistic and generally happier.
It is very easy for Us to tell you this Eternal Truth:
Love is the Key
Love is the answer to all ills
Love can surmount any obstacles
The more people who can bring Love into their lives, the better the World will be, as well as for the individual.
We are here to bring HOPE to the World as We feel it has been lost to many people. If there is no hope, people give up and don’t try to fight for their rights, their independence and their self-worth.


4th May 2016

To give the new Initiates some idea of what has happened to them…

This is for all the people who have been Initiated into the Light and Sound recently. Many of you have not been Meditating very long and this is all very exciting to you. We, in the Higher Realms, wish to welcome you with Love and support on your Journey of Self Discovery.

You have come to this Meditation at a very exciting time, as each one of you has an important job to do.

Each time there is a wave of Spiritual Energy on the Planet, there is always a specific purpose. This time the purpose could not be more significant.

With your help we need to amass 75,000 people to be Initiated. With all that Spiritual Energy we can change the Consciousness of the World.

There are ways in which this will be done. To start with, every Initiate will learn to send Love to all every day and also to heal diseases by using Spiritual Energy.

This is being done already to some degree, but each Initiate needs to be aware of their role and to take pride in the fact that they are part of this massive undertaking.

The new Lightwave Path is growing very fast now and the target of 75,000 in 3 years is perfectly possible. We thank everyone who is involved in the promotion and spreading of this very powerful Energy.


9th March 2016

This is a message for all who seek Initiation, or further States to progress along the Path to Enlightenment.
We here can see much preparation going on and it heartens us because it means that the Energy sent will be used well, and with the commitment it deserves.
You, as people seeking Initiation can be assured that on every step of the Journey you will be cared for, helped and Loved by Us.
It is a Journey to find out about the big questions you may have been looking for all your life. For instance, ‘Why are we here?”
Perhaps you will have sought the answers in spiritual books and been disappointed.
On this Journey of Light and Sound you will find out the answers for yourself. There will be no need for clarification as you will know in your heart that the answers are True; it will all make sense to you.
You may discover that you are thinking in a different way, the old ideas and ways of being, diet, etc. will change. This is all natural process of “letting go” and having the potential to become the best that you can be whilst in a physical form. To reach the highest Spiritual State of Enlightenment – which, in turn will help to raise awareness in your fellow Man.


10th February 2016

We are Beings of Light who are the embodiment of unconditional Love. We are not Enlightened as you are for we have no physical body which is necessary in order to be Enlightened.
We Love you and are aware of much suffering that is prevalent on Earth. We do not feel the suffering, as our Energies, our Frequencies are high, but we empathize with you and would like to help. The way in which we can do so is by helping you to raise the collective Consciousness of the Earth. This is achieved by as many people as possible Meditating on Light and Sound and being Enlightened. Thus we have several planned periods of blanket Grace, including an extended period over the Easter, when Grace allows the changing of States.
We are very excited about the numbers who will receive the Light and Sound, and those who will expand from First to Second Initiation and of course to Enlightenment. Our hope is that all those of you who benefit will then, through Love, help others to follow this Path to Enlightenment. By doing so you will raise the Consciousness of this planet and its inhabitants.
Talk to Us. Reach out to Us and we will guide you and help you. Use the Spiritual Resonances we have given you to heal each other. Love knows no bounds. Demonstrate your Love for each other and for all Humanity and the Earth and respect the animal kingdom.


16th January 2016

The Power and Beauty of the Light and Sound to all true seekers is immense and beyond all Human understanding. It is only by Meditating in this way that the Truth about the Creation can be found. Everyone has the Potential to realize this Power; it is through perseverance and dedication that this Knowledge will be given to them


2nd January 2016

With respect to the Brain and its functions – it is underused and the reasons being that since Man has been on Earth there have been major shifts in how it has been utilized.
Since Man lived in primitive conditions to now there has been much change and the Brain has had to adapt to these changes. We are talking about the rise and fall of civilizations and Spirituality played a major part. Therefore, of course that part of the Brain to do with linking with Higher Dimensions came into use until the demise of that particular civilization. Then it lay dormant.
Just to note, that every major civilization has been linked in some way, to a greater or lesser degree to Spirituality.


2nd January 2016

When Man first became aware of himself in a more conscious way he automatically looked for his “Maker” and the reasons behind his existence. We were ready at that point to give him the answers he needed.
As you are aware, religions sprung from these “messages on high”, which came and went with time over the centuries. That is why there is such similarity between the faiths and religions, because at Source the same messages were sent out to willing “listeners”. How could it be any other way, there is only one Truth.
Writing this will help people to get some understanding of Spirit and how it works. It will give people a clearer way to find their “purpose”, which is missing in the World at this time.


2015 Transmissions



17th September 2015

We have already stated that Love is the principle that pervades all things and everything exists because of it. If this is the case why are there so many wars on the planet? Doesn’t this go against Man’s true nature? Why is it that in a world that exists because of Love that there can be so much Hate?
The answer lies in duality. The ins and outs, the good and bad, ups and downs, highs and lows, love and hate. The mission of Man is to go beyond his dual nature on Earth, to meditate on Light and Sound which will show him the way to finding the Love in Enlightenment which doesn’t have an opposite.
Love exists on its own, unconditional, without edges, boundless.
There is no judgement in Love.
Love is forgiveness and needs no………
Love accepts all things as they are.
The Love attained on Enlightenment is Pure, untainted and cannot be compromised.
Love is constant.
True happiness is everlasting Love.
Love is the Ultimate expression of Truth. It denies nothing and overrides everything.
What is more beautiful than the Love found on Enlightenment?
Love is the only thing that cannot be controlled. Love contains all things; Love supports all things.
Love is the Ultimate expression of Universal Oneness.


27th August 2015

Love is the boundless Energy that pervades all the Creation. Everywhere you look there is Love, because everything that you can see, feel and touch exists because of it. Everything is connected, so every thought, deed or word is recorded.
Nothing is lost: words spoken in anger are more powerful and cause more damage so try to become more gentle in your approach to things. Keep your emotions in check and think before you speak.


27th August 2015

This will explain the difficulties that people have in their close relationships:
When incarnations occur there are always life lessons that have been planned before birth. These can be anything from learning about an abusive relationship, a child dying or just generally coping with life’s ups and downs. Most people find it hard to deal with the patterns which crop up in their lives. Once they understand that these are only patterns which crop up in their “fabric”, then they will be very much happier and healthier. Other people are there to show them certain aspects of themselves and the more they resist then the more they keep cropping up.


5th May 2015

The permanent state of which you speak cannot be permanent, within a physical body. You can have realizations with states of consciousness but that is what they are, not states of being.
For example, you can witness the state of “non thinking” in deep meditation, but you are the witness, not the state.
On Enlightenment you go to that “permanent state” for a while, you feel different and life should change for you – but you come back to live your life, albeit from a different perspective. I repeat, you DO come back, you have to, or you could not function as a human being.
When an Enlightened person dies they shed first their physical shell, ascend to the higher dimensions and enter into a”big sleep” continuing to shed further bodies that were used while in human form on Earth. Then a shift occurs and “they” are no longer the “individual” but still conscious, a Being of Light. The Being of Light then joins with their Essence which permanently resides in the Spiritual Worlds..
Following this there are 3 possibilities:
1. Merging into the Oneness…….forever.
2. Staying in the Spiritual Worlds, serving and continuing to learn.
3. Returning to the physical dimensions by taking another set of vehicles to further pursue life’s lessons.


27th April 2015

Waves are part of the order of life and all energies can be considered as having a wave nature. Waves also come from the higher dimensions, when the planet is ready, to bring about evolutionary changes. These include the “sparks” that lead to new inventions and technologies as well as new ideas that are given when Man has evolved to a certain point so that he is capable of taking on these changes.
Cycles are necessary because of the nature of Man. He needs a structure in order to survive; there has to be an order in people’s lives. Each day the Sun rises and sets at predictable times as the seasons turn from one into another. The tides rise and fall with mathematical accuracy and women exhibit a menstrual cycle which correlates to the phases of the Moon. The Earth in spinning turns once a day, it orbits the Sun defining the year and constantly wobbles on its axis. Even our breathing and heartbeats are rhythmical.
These all add up to Man’s stability to cope with the ups and downs of just surviving.


26th April 2015

Your answer lies not in how to neutralize (war intentions) but how to change the consciousness of your planet. Once the desire for power has turned into aggression there is not a lot to be done. What we are aiming to do is to go to the source of the psyche of mankind to try to neutralize this innate quest for power.
There will always be world leaders who are forced to comply with the demands from those they serve. What we are talking about is the general populace who are being contaminated by what you call the “Modern World”, which at this moment means the massive invasion of the New Technology which is crippling the minds of your children who are future adults.
What can be done? Well, on a Spiritual level we can raise the consciousness but don’t underestimate the power of visualization. It doesn’t take as many people as you might think to get together as a collective mind to visualize the war-torn areas and replace fear, hatred and search for power with love and forgiveness.
An individual persons’ thoughts are very powerful: what would happen if like minds are joined for a collective quest for good? You could start a movement with your group of meditators.


14th April 2015

1. When you reach your goal another will always appear.Therefore make no thing your goal if you seek Enlightenment.
2. Goals are penalties on the field of life. They trick you into playing the game.
3. Time is the illusion that we are moving too slowly.
4. Expect nothing and All will be revealed.
5. Direction leads to separation: no direction leads to Enlightenment.
6. The river flows yet it is still there.
7. In the beginning was the Word: before the beginning was Silence. In the beginning was the Light: before the beginning was Darkness.
8. Our perception is limited by our ability to resonate with Truth.
9. Being in thoughts centres us in the world: being outside thoughts centres us somewhere else.
10. Being within limits brings security: being outside limits brings Freedom.
11. Never give so that you can receive: always be receptive so that you can give.
12. Silence cannot be found in sound: but Sound can be found in Silence.
13. Darkness cannot be found in light: but Light can be found in Darkness.
14. Ends and beginnings are separations of thought.
15. When we look in any one direction we miss Everything.
16. The Cause is only the beginning of that which is.
17. That that is, is: that that is not – is God.
18. When knowledge gives way to acceptance – Truth has a chance.
19. The Answer is revealed when the questioning stops.
20. Knowing truth is ignorance: being completely Ignorant is Truth.
21. When we live we die: when we Die we Live.
22. When we live we die: when we Die we Live.
23. When you bow down to everything around you will discover that Everything is bowing to you.
24. Let the self be truly grateful so that gratitude may reveal Self.
25. A mirror reflects self looking at Self and then shows the mirror to be an illusion.
26. Emptiness is just the illusion of Potential.
27. Colour occurs when Light dissolves and melody when Sound dissolves…both beautiful expressions of Eternal Oneness.
28. When we disappear we are found Everywhere.
29. The spirit of Essence is the essence of Spirit.
30. As Above, so below:one is the reflection of the Self, the other the self reflected as One.
31. Time waits for no man, but ultimately no man can wait for time: It is merely the illusion by which we measure change.
32. The further we travel the more things we leave behind. Therefore find somewhere from which it is impossible to travel, so that nothing will ever be lost.
33. A thought is just a frame from the film of life. Don’t get caught up in the plot: seek the Writer!

1st March 2015

From where We sit, because of human frailties, it has become necessary to bring down huge amounts of Energy to address the imbalances of your Planet. There are many of you already helping in this task. What We are asking is for people to look to their hearts and bring about massive changes by addressing three major issues:


With these three issues uppermost in people’s minds your World will be helped immeasurably.


16th February 2015

We want you to start the Path again. Can you see how big this is? We did tell you – go with it. We will give you all the help you need. This needs to be done – We are working behind the scenes. Do the Initiations, all of them – We are here to guide you.



The greatest Service of all is the bringing of Spirit into matter.