The Ascension

Much has been written in religious and esoteric literature about the Ascension. We are also posting transmissions from the Spiritual Hierarchy that predict a similar scenario.

Is it possible to imagine what such a change would be like? the simple answer is NO! We are told that the Ascension occurs due to an increase in vibrational frequencies. This suggests that the way we would perceive our surroundings would change dramatically. It would be as if we were able to see new colours and hear new sounds; we would be sensitive to a whole new set of Energies. These are concepts that we have no way of imagining.

Everything that we have received from the Hierarchy has demonstrated both Love and Compassion. We asked about the way in which the Ascension would take place and were concerned that some people would get left behind. They assured us that the process would be gentle and open to everybody.

“It is as if Mankind is somehow lifted, to be able to continue their lives with heightened Powers. It just means that people will only truly Ascend if they are ready and it will be a self selection.”

The transmission is therefore suggesting that some people would make the transition immediately and find themselves in a World that is basically the same and yet perceived completely differently. They would naturally tell those around them of what has happened. It is then up to these individuals to decide whether to take the same steps.

It is the responsibility of Light and Sound Meditators to encourage as many people as possible to become Initiated before the Ascension. It is also our responsibility to help those who are not Initiated to make that leap after the event has taken place.

With a new heightened Awareness, life as we know it on this Planet will have changed forever. It should bring about a dramatic reduction in Human conflict. We should naturally want to preserve peace by demonstrating Love to our fellow Man as well as the other lifeforms with whom we share our beautiful World.