Gods, Saviours and the Hierarchy

This article is written as an attempt to present the reader with a rough framework on which to hang the various histories of Spirituality and explain their origins.

Nearly all the ancient religions were polytheistic and celebrated the existence of a multitude of Gods. Supporting evidence can be found dating way back to the Bronze and Iron ages. More recently, spread across the globe, the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists and Pagans all celebrated vast numbers of Deities and Spiritual Beings. Many continue to do so to this day.

Monotheism was to emerge also and proclaimed a single Deity often as a result of a superior God who ruled over a group of lesser Spiritual Beings. An example of this can be found in Christianity where God is usually depicted in the Heavenly Realms surrounded by a host of Angels.

Saviours, Prophets and Teachers such as Jesus, Mohammed, The Buddha, Lao Tzu and Lord Krishna have played their part by providing moral codes and Spiritual insights.

In the last few centuries Science has presented an empirical alternative. This requires no belief and no faith. It relies simply on theory, repeatable experiments and predictions which, if proved correct, serve to uphold the original premise. It should be noted that up till now (2015) all such experiments have been conducted within the confines of the Physical Universe!

As a consequence of the above we are left today with an enormous theological puzzle. What do we accept, what do we reject, what should we believe, what should we disbelieve?

The answer in essence is simple: embrace all the religions and philosophies as there is Truth in each of them. What is then required is to seek commonality and the underlying cause that explains the entire mystery.

From the Hierarchy:

When Man first became aware of himself in a more conscious way he automatically looked for his “Maker” and the reasons behind his existence. We were ready at that point to give him the answers he needed.

As you are aware, religions sprung from these “messages on high”, which came and went with time over the centuries. That is why there is such similarity between the faiths and religions, because at Source the same messages were sent out to willing “listeners”. How could it be any other way, there is only one Truth.

Writing this will help people to get some understanding of Spirit and how it works. It will give people a clearer way to find their “purpose”, which is missing in the World at this time.