The Life of a Soul

The following article is a simplification of teachings we have received recently from the Hierarchy.

Firstly we need to define some terminology:
Essence – the true Self which remains always in the Spiritual Realms.
Soul – a part of the Essence which incarnates.

When a physical incarnation is about to take place the Essence or true Self plans that particular life, with a number of Spiritual Beings who act as advisors. The purpose of the lifetime is established and the environment of birth carefully chosen. This would take into account not only planetary location but family members, friends and people who would be influential in that life. Bodies (physical, emotional and mental) would also be chosen as appropriate to that incarnation. So you are “the Hand that occupies the glove” and it is this “hand” that you receive Knowledge of when you are Initiated into the Light and Sound.

Additional to a life plan each person is “dealt” a number of “wildcards” which are responsible for what we refer to as free will. These will cause us to veer off course and may result in a good or bad outcome. This is where Karma comes into the equation and it all gets extremely complicated. We are told that you can only incur Karma when you play the “wildcards”. Sticking to the plan cannot, as you are only acting out the script you have been given.

During a lifetime a person will be attempting to learn a set of lessons; these can be both academic and of course life based. We never stop having learning opportunities. If a particular problem keeps resurfacing, then it is a clear indication that we are not facing up to the situation properly and just “burying” it. If the lesson is there, then we should rise to the challenge, after all we contrived it in the first place!

When we die, hopefully we will have learnt most of our lessons, otherwise we will need to incorporate them in future incarnations. On physical death we ascend to the Spiritual Planes but still retain our emotional and mental bodies. In these Realms we create our own “Heaven” experiences but eventually there comes a time when these bodies must also be shrugged off.

We then enter a period of rest and reflection before rejoining with our Essence which Itself continues to learn.

As stated above this is only a rough model, but it will give you some idea of the complex mechanisms involved when a human incarnation takes place.

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