When will the Ascension start?

We understand from the Spiritual Hierarchy that the Ascension will not be a cataclysmic event but a gradual and gentle process.

As more and more people are Initiated the Light and Sound Energies will begin to have an increasing effect on this Planet and it’s inhabitants. The process has already begun and there are many signs that demonstrate this.

We have already mentioned that people all over the World are becoming aware of high pitched Sounds. Many just think it is normal and everybody is aware of it; others think it is a medical condition such as tinnitus! The Truth is that people are becoming more sensitive and are “hearing” in a different way. The Sounds we speak of are not heard with physical ears. It is as if another sense has been acquired! This is the Sound Current that experienced Meditators speak of and it is well documented in Spiritual books. The amazing thing is the majority of people that report this phenomena have never meditated in their lives.

Some people are becoming aware of Light. This usually takes the form of geometrical shapes and colours. It is not physical in origin; it is seen when fully awake with eyes closed particularly when in a darkened room. It is not a form of daydreaming or created using the imagination. Those witnessing this Energy report that it has a protective and Loving quality. People who see this Light invariably also hear the Sound.

Nature seems to be “waking up”. People are hearing the birdsong more this year and it seems louder and more frequent. Whether the birds are changing or whether people are becoming more sensitive we are not sure. What we do know is that this phenomenon has been reported from all round the World and started early in 2017.

Another area of change seems to be happening during sleep. People are reporting having more lucid dreams and what can only be described as parallel lives. These alternate existences are just as real as their Earthly counterparts. While the landscapes are relatively normal the passage of time and the laws of physics are quite different.

Many of the phenomena listed above are occurring to young people, most of whom are teenagers. They are faced with the problems of ridicule by their peers and/or being labelled weird and put under psychiatric care by adults. For these reasons they tend to remain quiet and keep everything to themselves. It is important that we encourage them to speak out. We as Light and Sound Meditators know that the Universe is full of Wonder and we can inspire those around us to speak about the Truth.

The Hierarchy have told us that the Ascension will bring about more sensitivity which will help increase the harmony between the occupants of this Planet. In particular the younger generations will be “waking up” to these changes and becoming more Conscious; the future of the Earth will ultimately be in their hands.