What exactly are The Spiritual Hierarchy?

The Spiritual Hierarchy is a name we give to the innumerable Beings that inhabit the Higher Dimensions of the Universe. Some, but not all, have had previous lives on the Earth and are sometimes referred to as Ascended Masters. A number of these Intelligences are in contact with people all over the World. The communications generally occur when a person is Meditating but can also happen during everyday activities.

A person receiving a message will become aware of a Presence and a “Voice” inside their head; this can also be accompanied by some form of visual appearance. This vision will usually be human in nature which may represent a male or female. We are told that They project such an image to make it acceptable to us; apparently They perceive us as blobs of Light!

The messages have one theme in common and that is to help this Planet and its populations of living creatures. We as Humans have pushed the Earth too far and it is imperative that we “wake up” and apply corrective measures.

Our particular group is focussed on human Consciousness and its development through Meditation on Energies that exist in the Higher Spiritual Realms. We have received an amazing amount of guidance from the Hierarchy and They are responsible for the inception of this Path and its growth all over the World.

As more and more people become aware of the Light and Sound Energies they realize the Truth about Spirituality. It is not found in a philosophy or religion, it cannot be taught or captured in a book, it can only be found within us. It lies beyond all thought and concepts; it is simply our True Nature and each person has to discover it for themselves.

The Spiritual Hierarchy are releasing vast quantities of Energy to assist in this process. This has resulted in people beginning to hear high pitched Sounds and others seeing a beautiful Inner Light.