John the Baptist


It might be that the Baptism of Jesus is an early example of Light and Sound Initiation. There are some fascinating parts of the story that are worth exploring.

Firstly, John says to Jesus, “It is I that needs to seek Baptism from you!” Jesus then explains that he is wrong and John reluctantly goes ahead.

This suggests a lineage whereby John was an Adept of the Light and Sound and that Jesus required the Initiation so that he could begin his Spiritual Journey and begin teaching.

The next important point was that whatever took place occurred under water. This may have had nothing to do with the water but was a clever way of Initiating people in front of a crowd and yet never revealing the actual technique involved. This would prevent uninitiated people running around trying to transmit the Energies.

After the Baptism/Initiation the Bible speaks of the “Dove” which is a word synonymous with the Holy Spirit. This refers surely to the Light and Sound that Jesus received that descended from Heaven.

Finally after the event he went into the desert for 40 days and wrestled with the temptations of the mind which is a perfect description of someone attempting to Meditate. The reason for the long Meditate would simply be the need to attain Enlightenment before beginning his Mission.

Jesus could then reveal the Light and Sound to his disciples and followers. There is a suggestion that the disciples could also pass on the Energies. This included Mary Magdalene who was most probably Jesus’ favourite and according to a number of gospels (not included in the Bible) received special teaching that caused the male disciples to be jealous!

We are only doing today what was written about in the New Testament. I also believe that we are moving towards a time in which we would Initiate people who were ready, with very little preparation. Adepts might simply just walk down a street and “Touch” those people who approached them as I imagine Jesus did all those years ago.