Learning Life’s Lessons


We are told that the purpose of life on Earth is to learn lessons. These can be of an intellectual nature but more important are those learnt by interacting with other human beings.

Human interactions are highly complex and varied. For example when we engage in some activity there are ‘“three of us” involved, ourself, the person we think we are and the person others see. Most problems that arise between people stem from small misunderstandings or slightly different points of view.

You only have to look at quarrels within families or wars between religions to see that this is true!

We also understand that when we incarnate our life is generally mapped out. We chose our parents, our friends, where we live as well as our partners and children. It is as if we have a part in a play and a script to follow.

However, as with plays, actors sometimes stumble over their lines and have to ad lib. The result of this can be a complete disaster or utterly brilliant. This is where free will comes in; we can deviate from our plan any time we wish, which is how we incur Karma (good and bad). If we simply act out our lines as they are written then we are free from any Karmic recompense.

How do we know what our lessons are? Although we are generally following a script we are not actually aware of it so we can’t see the plot and we can’t see what we need to learn. However, with many of the lessons there is a clue!

If we notice the same challenge or problem recurring time after time it is a clear indicator that this is one of our major lessons. The answer is to embrace it and put it to rest. If you don’t, it will continue to resurface until you act.

Many people struggle in life because they push things to the back of their minds and don’t sort them out. That is how stress occurs, when the “in-tray” gets too full. So the advice is try to sort things as they appear don’t put them of until tomorrow. Action purifies thought!

Finally the paradox of good and bad. Our true Nature is that we are all Spiritual in Essence; some of us Know it, some of us don’t. We can talk in terms of a bad person or good deed but remember at this level we are talking about the part a person has chosen to play out.

If someone plays a murderer in a film or play, their next role might be that of a Saint! The lessons that are learnt by a murderer are unlikely to be experienced by a Saint and vice versa.

So as none of us are intrinsically bad it is wise to look for the good in people and in the words of the Spiritual Hierarchy Accept, Love and Forgive.

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